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Han Pepercreated the topic: Language Parameter in URLs

I want to disable the ‘Language Parameter in URLs’ but it is greyed out Is there a reason why?

Is there a best practise to have them en...

5 days ago

Han Peperreplied to: RE: General Exception /SimpleGallery/RSS.aspx

Found it. The error message gave me the idea that it was the website who generate the error and not a bot or something else outside the website. Afte...

3 weeks ago

Han Peperreplied to: RE: General Exception /SimpleGallery/RSS.aspx

I don’t have SimpleGallery installed on this DotNetNuke instance. That’s why I don’t understand why these error are happening.

3 weeks ago

Han Pepercreated the topic: General Exception /SimpleGallery/RSS.aspx

I get lots of the following errors. It’s on DNN 9.2.0 In the past I used SimpleGallery but not anymore. Did a search in the files and database b...

3 weeks ago


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