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Barry Waluszkoreplied to: RE: Authentication providers - what data do I collect

Hi TechieMD, In case if you will try use 'Auth0 Connector' from https://github.com/BarryWaluszko/Auth0_DnnProvider Once user will sign-in, his pro...

2 weeks ago

Barry Waluszkoreplied to: RE: Azure Install Woes

I've been trying to install vanilla DNN on Azure 'App Service' for several days. I've get very similar problems to yours. Finally I did that, below ar...

3 months ago

Barry Waluszkoreplied to: RE: 2FA login provider?

The open source "Auth0 Connector" works with "Google Authenticatior" too. I just test that scenario, here is litle overcap:



Barry Waluszkoreplied to: RE: Integrating LinkedIn Social Login on a DNN Website

Hi no9be, I'm a leader of the 'Auth0 Provider' project that Timo mention. I just tested it with LinkedIn and seems that this is working (at lest on...



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