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muddeatrreplied to: RE: User registration/creation

Thank Will! I'll check them out. I'm with you on assigning user management to non admin users, but the bosses want our HR department to be able to ...

1 week ago

muddeatrreplied to: RE: Images not responsive on mobile

All depends on your theme's css and where your collecting the responsive class for the images. But the standard Bootstrap class for an image is (class...

2 weeks ago

muddeatrreplied to: RE: Password Reset email

Nevermind! Found it in the Gloabl resource file hard coded as http.

1 month ago

muddeatrcreated the topic: Password Reset email

Password Reset email

1 month ago

muddeatrcreated the topic: DNN Password Requirements

Looking for the DNN Password Requirements settings in DNN 8.0.3. Specifically I'd like to require upper and lowercase along with alphanumeric, but...

1 month ago

muddeatrcreated the topic: User registration/creation

I need non admin user(s) the ability to create new users

2 months ago


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