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sypacreated the topic: show my email address - in Repository Module

show my email address - in Repository Module - doesn't do anything

1 month ago

sypacreated the topic: upgrade Repository

trying to upgrade DNN Repository module

2 months ago

sypareplied to: RE: language settings


I can find most of what i need now, but i didn't realise it was possible search through the resource files in notepad!

I thought it ...


sypareplied to: RE: upload module

do you know where i can download DAM?

I've looked on the DNN store https://store.dnnsoftware.com and it doesn't seem to be listed ther...


sypacreated the topic: language settings

Is there a spreadsheet available to search everything inside the language settings?


sypacreated the topic: upload module

Are there any modules which allow users to upload documents?


sypacreated the topic: Repository module - email confirmation message

Repository module - where is the email confirmation message


sypacreated the topic: Repository module - upload approval

Approving a repository module upload item



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