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Barryreplied to: RE: Listx Module Not Found In 8.0 version

ListX is the former name of OpenWebStudio, you could try upgrading to the lastest version.  Potential help here: http://openwebstu...

3 weeks ago

Barryreplied to: RE: Domain donations

@Will, how do you have different post counts on those duplicate posts?


Barryreplied to: RE: Date/Time on Forum Posts

eg the post above is showing 09:48 pm, yet it's only 18:48 here.


Barrycreated the topic: Date/Time on Forum Posts

How do I ensure that the post dates respect my timezone


Barryreplied to: RE: Subscribe to all forums

I don't necessarily want to receive notifications for each post, but I would like to see an aggregated view which shows all topics in all forums, sort...


Barryreplied to: RE: page titles should be smaller

Yep, banner is a bit too big; 6em of top and bottom padding is very large, same with the user-profile area, looks like it could be reduced (and reposi...


Barryreplied to: RE: forums

Not sure what 'CD' is, but I think that if we could reduce the spacing in the author/profile so that we can see more messages per page, that would mak...


Barrycreated the topic: Forums




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