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MikRobSoncreated the topic: Is DNN still a viable platform for a hosting company?

In the past, we used DNN as our platform for growing our website hosting business, but are now debating leaving DNN completely...


MikRobSon commented on 2sxc 10.06 with .IsDemoItem and new WYSIWYG features

Daniel, I've always loved your work, but I'm really just sort of DONE with DNN altogether, and I'm considering moving to the Duda platform instead. I've started building a few sites on it that you can see at <a href="https://www.iwantawebsites.com">https://www.iwantawebsites.com</a>, but I'm not 100% all-in on the Duda platform, and I'm wondering what your opinion is on it vs. the latest version of DNN running 2SIC, Feel free to hit and evaluate the site (it's still new and open to change!) and let me know if you think I could replicate it with DNN 2sic, or if it's actually equal or better than what I could get from DNN. Thanks for your opinion! Rob



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