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noJUANreplied to: RE: How to hide the left-nav button itself based on user role on DNN 9

Have you tried using tabs?

3 months ago

noJUANreplied to: RE: Multilanguage site (9.3.2) not working

Posted By Niko Sipola on 16 Oct 2019 07:04 AM

I can relate to solution by Timo:

"If you have 2 languages, make sure you have these Portal A...

3 months ago

noJUANcreated the topic: How do I install DNN on mac?

Mac can be tedious and burocratic at times

3 months ago

noJUANreplied to: RE: Upgrade path 7.2.3 to 9.2.2

Upgrading it by parts should give you less issues but it might be more tedious in a way. Still you would lose time by having to backtrack. But do back...

3 months ago

noJUANreplied to: RE: Social Icons not holding/saving settings on home page

Go directly to the HTML editor, that should fix it

3 months ago


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