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How To Videos

Enjoy this list of curated "How To" videos showing basic functionality.

DNN Videos

DNN Tip of the week (DNNHero)

Aderson Oliviera (DNNHero) has brought us many tips over the years. 

1. Turn off the DNN Copyright Note

2. Disable Popups on DNN 9

3. Keep Logged In Longer on DNN

4. I Lost Super User Access

5. How to Simplify User Registration

6. I Lost SuperUser Access

8. How To Add Javascript to DNN

9. Critical DNN Security Update (2017)

11. How to Increase the HTML Version History

12. Better Performance with JavaScript and CSS

14. Annoying Font Sizes in the CKEditor

15. Fast Track to DNN Setup

16. The Truth Behind "Display Module on All Pages"

17. Managing DNN Log Files and Log4net

18. Changing Static Text & Resource Files

19. Articles & Blog with OpenContent

21. Apply The Same Theme to All Pages

47. HTTPs and Mixed Content Warnings

48. The SEO Settings in DNN

49. How to Redirect PHP and HTML Pages

50. Intro: Convert From Evoq To The DNN Platform

53. Page URL Management

54. Recovering Archived CodePlex Projects

55. Premium Module Settings - Why & How

56. Securing Passwords - Hashed vs Encrypted

57. How to Create a Splash Page

59. Testing SMTP & Email Delivery

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