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19 Replies and 4191 Views NavigationManager  4191  19 Started by  Michael Tobisch
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Hi all, I got a problem when replacing the Globals.NavigateURL() function with the new INavigationManager. What I have done: namespace myNamespace { public partial class myControl : PortalModuleBase, IActionable { &91;...&93; protected INavigationManager NavigationManager { get; } &91;...&93; region IActionable public ModuleActionCollection ModuleActions { get { ModuleActionCollection actions = new ModuleA...
19 4191
by  Dave ShiftUPJump to last post
26 Jul 2020 08:55 PM
1 Replies and 333 Views ModuleSearchBase problem  333  1 Started by  fatgl Hi, I have a custom module I need to be searchable from DNN search. So I have added a Controller class to my module that extends ModuleSearchBase with GetModifiedSearchDocuments method. I added the namespace in the module settings. However since I added the namespace the module crashes and throws this exception the log: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: type InnerStackTrace: in System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type, Boolean nonPublic) in System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type) i...
1 333
by  Joe CraigJump to last post
16 Jul 2020 10:42 AM
3 Replies and 502 Views What is the right code for DNN Login  502  3 Started by  Leon I tried to write my own login module for our platform. And I copied the code of DNN AuthenticationService from the DNN source project. But it didn&39;t work. Any one can give me some advice following code is what I wrote: private void LoginUser(string username, string password) { var status = UserLoginStatus.LOGIN_FAILURE;   var objUser = UserController.ValidateUser(PortalId, username, password, "DNN", PortalSettings.PortalName, UserRequestIPAddressControlle...
3 502
by  LeonJump to last post
15 Jul 2020 12:45 AM
1 Replies and 417 Views WebApi fails to write cookie  417  1 Started by  Declan Ward I am building a custom login module to redirect the user to different pages based on the "type" of user. Users may be in certain roles or not a DNN user at all. I write a cookie to be read by a module on the target page denoting the type of user along with some other info. If the user is a non DNN user the cookie is written as expected. If the user is a DNN user, and logged in successfully, the cookie fails to write. Checking the Network tab in FF, the cookie is not in the res...
1 417
by  Will StrohlJump to last post
01 Jul 2020 04:43 PM
5 Replies and 558 Views 404 with web api  558  5 Started by  TopCat I am trying to create a DNN module by following Clint Patterson&39;s tutorial from 2014. When I get to the Hello World Web API test I get a 404 error. Research shows that Web API changed in DNN 9.4 and I am wondering if this is the cause of my 404. If so, what is the proper way to do a Web Api call now Later... got this to work, so no worries. Thanks.
5 558
by  Joe CraigJump to last post
01 Jul 2020 07:33 AM
3 Replies and 513 Views Module error after upgrade  513  3 Started by  Peter van den Dungen Hello guys, This week I have succesfully upgraded one of our production websites to DNN 9.6.1, when everything was working right and I also desided to upgrade my local development enviroment as well. I just downloaded and overwite the entire production root into my local one (except the webconfig) and I restored the prod db over my develop one. DNN is running ok, but my MVC modules are throwing the following exception (pretty strange is the highlighted path): InnerStackTrace: ...
3 513
by  Peter van den DungenJump to last post
11 Jun 2020 04:19 AM
2 Replies and 384 Views Intro  384  2 Started by  Timo Breumelhof About this sub-forum
2 384
by  Michael TobischJump to last post
09 Jun 2020 10:38 AM
1 Replies and 494 Views DependencyProvider in subclass of ModuleSearchBase  494  1 Started by  Derek Hi everyone, Globals.NavigateURL has been deprecated, but it&39;s currently not possible to resolve a dependency on NavigationManager in a subclass of ModuleSearchBase. DependencyProvider does not exist in the context. Am I missing something or this is a feature that still needs to be implemented Kinds regards, Derek
1 494
by  Brian DukesJump to last post
15 May 2020 02:55 PM
1 Replies and 452 Views Anti forgery token problem on Windows 2019  452  1 Started by  jacoch Hi. We have recently move a web site to a new Windows 2019 server. On that new server, we noticed that all ajax posts, when using https, are not validating anti forgery token any more. The web site works fine on older versions of Windows server. Our ajax calls look like this: $.ajax({   url: "Url.Content("~/DesktopModules/MVC/ModuleName/Controller/Action")",   type: &39;POST&39;,   data: { &39;itemId&39; : itemId },   headers: {   ...
1 452
by  Mitchel SellersJump to last post
14 May 2020 11:24 AM
12 Replies and 3326 Views Upgrading from 9.1.1 to 9.4.4 and Globals.NavigateURL  3326  12 Started by  Ana
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
I am planning to upgrade my DNN site (WebForms) from 9.1.1 to 9.4.4. I am doing a test run on local machine. After I upgraded I see the following warning when I compiled my custom modules. Going to NaviagateURL documentation doesn&39;t give any information on what replaced it. What replaced it Globals.NavigateURL(int, string, params string&91;&93;)&39; is obsolete: &39;Deprecated in Platform 9.4.2. Scheduled removal in v11.0.0.
12 3326
by  Brian DukesJump to last post
12 May 2020 04:35 PM
You are not authorized to create a new topic
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