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4 Replies and 1040 Views and 2 Subscribers SignalR in a MVC module  1040  4  2 Started by  Dowdian I have a module in which I would like to implement SignalR. Unfortunately, the examples I have found (including the DnnChat module by Chris Hammond) are not built using MVC, and I have been unable to translate them into my project. I did see a tutorial that might have what I need, but it was behind a paywall. Are there any modern examples or tutorials out there that could help me figure this out Thank you
4 1040 2
by  Ken CJump to last post
8/19/2022 1:37 PM
3 Replies and 770 Views and 1 Subscribers Access skin controls  770  3  1 Started by  John A Does anyone know if there is a way to access skin control through code behind in custom module  The skin is a custom skin as well with .ascx file with asp.net controls in it.
3 770 1
by  John AJump to last post
7/13/2022 8:04 AM
3 Replies and 928 Views and 0 Subscribers Auto Login  928  3  0 Started by  John Svoboda I&39;m trying to automatically log in a user that is coming from another portal where they were already logged in. I pass an ID value that allows me to retrieve the username and password from an external table that I use for authentication. When logging in normally I use ICG&39;s External Database Authentication provider. After retrieving the username and password, I attempt to use UserController.ValidateUser and upon success UserController.UserLogin. It keeps returning LOGIN_FAILURE on val...
3 928 0
by  Timo Breumelhof (40F)Jump to last post
7/12/2022 2:34 PM
3 Replies and 794 Views and 2 Subscribers Issues adding DLLs to auth module install package  794  3  2 Started by  Joshua Rose I run the release build and get a build package that&39;s mostly fine but missing DLL&39;s aren&39;t taking  I tried to modify the dll package directly but I&39;m also running into an instalation error Missing DLLs (probobly mostly installed from restsharp or asynchronous tasks (not using that anymore though)) System.Text.Json System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions System.Memory Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces System.Text.Encodings.Web
3 794 2
by  Joshua RoseJump to last post
6/26/2022 1:53 AM
3 Replies and 1466 Views and 2 Subscribers Site Export/Import  1466  3  2 Started by  John A Hello Community, I have done a site export on one installation of DNN(9.7.2) and imported to another install (same version).  The module settings did not transfer over correctly.  Meaning  tabmodulesettings table did get my settings transferred but tabmoduleid is not correct(98 times). I did not use Iportable when I wrote them.  I really dont understand how to use it either.  Is there some module or script I could use to get module settings per page and correct t...
3 1466 2
by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
5/30/2022 2:40 PM
1 Replies and 787 Views and 1 Subscribers Customize Module Action Menu  787  1  1 Started by  m.d hi,i want to develop a module by mvc template, i &39;ve reade some documents but i didn&39;t understand how can i add multiple actions to Module Action Menu, please guide me ..thanks  
1 787 1
by  m.dJump to last post
5/26/2022 1:04 AM
2 Replies and 896 Views and 1 Subscribers DNN: Resolve IPortalInfo service  896  2  1 Started by  NielsMitte I&39;m trying to use dependency injection in DNN to resolve the IPortalInfo service in my SchedulerClient and in my FeatureController. I want to access the current PortalId somehow. But for the SchedulerClient I receive the following error when trying to use the constructor dependency injection: Unable to resolve service for type &39;DotNetNuke.Abstractions.Portals.IPortalInfo&39; while attempting to activate &39;XXX&39;. For the FeatureController class it is not working either si...
2 896 1
by  NielsMitteJump to last post
4/29/2022 10:24 AM
4 Replies and 827 Views and 1 Subscribers IPortable  827  4  1 Started by  John A Hello Community, I have been using dnn for some time now - and I have never used iportable,isearchable, or iupgradable. My question is the following - will dnn export my module settings during an export without implementing iportable If not, is there an easy to implement it just to get this to work.  I have no content in modules since it is just a grid with dnn module settings.  Using dnn 9.7.2 and Chris H module templates. Thank you
4 827 1
by  John AJump to last post
4/29/2022 9:08 AM
1 Replies and 1067 Views and 1 Subscribers INavigationManager - Using Dependency Injection in Business Controller Class  1067  1  1 Started by  Wes Fincher I need to generate portal URLs from within an API call to a web forms module. So I need an INavigationManager instance in my API controller.  I cannot do that since both Web Forms business controllers do not have dependency injection and I cannot instantiate a new NavigationManager class (it&39;s marked internal).   Is there an alternative to the below  public class FormsController : DnnApiController {     private INavigationManager _navigationManager; ...
1 1067 1
by  Brian DukesJump to last post
4/18/2022 12:15 PM
3 Replies and 1208 Views and 2 Subscribers Update web.config  1208  3  2 Started by  Seek Hello, I have to update several sections of the web.config because I am updating some DLLs in the portal. Why this manifest code just add the lines DNN manifest: <node path="/configuration/system.web/compilation/assemblies" action="update" key="assembly" collision="overwrite">   <add assembly="My.Dashboard.v21.2.Web.WebForms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B88D1754D700E49A" />   <ad...
3 1208 2
by  SeekJump to last post
3/10/2022 11:24 AM
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