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3 Replies and 987 Views SQL connection strings  987  3 Started by  KenT Hi This are the SQL connection strings from the 9.3.2 web.config file on our portal. Is it significant that we see two connection strings, one for SQL Express (not used) and the other the local full SQL database (used). &60;&115;&99;&114;&105;&112;&116;&32;&115;&114;&99;&61;&34;&104;&105;&103;&104;&108;&105;&103;&104;&116;&47;&104;&105;&103;&104;&108;&105;&103;&104;&116;&102;&117;&108;&108;&46;&112;&97;&99;&107;&46;&106;&115;&34;&62;&60;&4...
3 987
by  KenTJump to last post
26 Nov 2019 12:00 PM
5 Replies and 1860 Views Noprofit Site and Paypal Donations  1860  5 Started by  KP Hi, guys! Wow, nice new site with all the heavy hitters here! Yowsa! I&39;ve been researching how to add a customized Donation Button from Paypal on our site. (Basically, you configure the Buy Now Button and then change the image from Paypal to Donation.) We want to be able to allow folks to give donations in Honor or in Memory of someone, but to do that, they need an input box for the Name of the person they want to honor and the name and address of who the acknowledgement should be sent...
5 1860
by  KPJump to last post
25 Nov 2019 05:02 PM
1 Replies and 645 Views Example Azure Web.config  645  1 Started by  KenT This was accessed at the Azure level, not through the portal.  Does anyone see anything suspect or likely to cause problems (v 9.3.2)
1 645
by  KenTJump to last post
25 Nov 2019 12:58 PM
0 Replies and 967 Views Vanity Urls  967  0 Started by  Cody I am trying to work with vanity urls in DNN.  I try to enter the vanity url along with member name and I get a DNN Error 503 Service Unavailable.  No sites currently exist for this installation. I am wondering if this is a bug I should report or if I have something misconfigured  Thank you for your support!
0 967
25 Nov 2019 10:44 AM
4 Replies and 2282 Views Email to be sent to user after email verification  2282  4 Started by  Vicenç Masanas Is it possible to sent a confirmation email to a user after they confirm their email We have a site with email verification enabled and we see that after doing the registration this things happen: the user is automatically logged in the user receives the welcome email as usual the user sees a message on all pages advising to go to their email and confirm the email after he verifies the email NO additional email is sent First point is bit strange... if you have to verify your...
4 2282
by  CodyJump to last post
25 Nov 2019 10:39 AM
2 Replies and 1079 Views Use of portal to database synch  1079  2 Started by  KenT Any guidance on the good, bad and ugly of sycnhing a database to a portal. When, how, what sort of thing Need to understand this better and capture some experienvces thanks Ken  
2 1079
by  KenTJump to last post
21 Nov 2019 09:43 AM
1 Replies and 899 Views Strange intriguing problem  899  1 Started by  Declan Ward I know it is an older version of DNN but this has me intrigued. I don&39;t need this site and can just delete it and create a new, later version of DNN, site. What I don&39;t understand is why on one PC it works and another it doesn&39;t. Both PCs are running the same version of windows with all updates applied. The only difference I can see is that SQL Express on the new PC is v13.0.5101 but on the older PC is v13.0.1742. I don&39;t think this should matter, should it I have a dev...
1 899
by  Declan WardJump to last post
21 Nov 2019 08:52 AM
0 Replies and 979 Views Azure Web App Blogs on GitHub  979  0 Started by  KenT Have been given this by MS Support to track down problems on Azure. https://azure.github.io/AppService/2018/  
0 979
21 Nov 2019 04:17 AM
3 Replies and 958 Views Automatic 301-redirects  958  3 Started by  Sytske Hi,  I am checking a DNN 9.3.2 site on the aspect of SEO-urls. So i am checking the Page settings > Advanced > S.E.O. tab. And i notice in one site that there are duplicate 301-redirect-entries on quite a few pages.  I am not sure how this happened (i don&39;t manage any content for this site). But it would appear that on a rename of a page, or when the page is moved (or a parent page is moved), the old url is created twice as 301-redirect. Example:  I have p...
3 958
by  SytskeJump to last post
20 Nov 2019 09:25 AM
0 Replies and 1043 Views How to use SAML 2.0 response for specific DNN role authentication and authorization  1043  0 Started by  Sachin Gedam Hey Gurus, I am looking for refrerance implemention/code snipet to sign-in external user to DNN Evoq web site using SAML 2.0 response. In my case, our corporate web site ie www.nondnnsite.com is a owning a identity provider. SSO page built under this site. There is another web site i.e. www.dnnsite.com which is anonymous to everybody. Only content manager and editor can login to www.dnnsite.com using standard login form. Now a request came where we need to use identity provider of www.n...
0 1043
19 Nov 2019 02:19 PM
You are not authorized to create a new topic
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