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Observations on (this) dnncommunity.org website

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Veteran Member

Veteran Member

    Posted By Francisco Pérez Andrés on 18 May 2020 04:51 AM
    Posted By Mariette Knap on 18 May 2020 01:14 AM
    I think forums in the format we have here are outdated. I prefer a Q&A format with tags.

    I agree with Mariette that a newer and more powerful interface would be more useful (and usable) that our "old" forums. Something like Q&A like www.dnnsoftware.com/answers or Stackoverflow, for instance.


    I don't think I agree.
    I do think the forum could be improved but IMO this forum server it's purpose ATM and there are other areas of this website that need more attention than this part. (with the somewhat limited resources available).
    Also Q&A cannot fully replace forums IMO and having 2 kind of modules also didn't work well in the past IMO.
    There was a group of users that focussed on q&a and some focussed on the forums, which kind of split the "DNN Community Helpdesk" in two in my experience.
    BTW I do think we need more open questions / discussion in the forums (of which a part is still done on facebook).
    Quesions like "What kind of issues did you experience with x" or "How can we improve y".
    I think kind of discussions would be good to get more community feedback and that's better out in the open than in "closed / not indexed environments " like Slack or Facebook.



    New Member

    New Member

      Sure, I am willing to give testing a spin.

      New Member

      New Member

        I agree with Allane.  I think there are too many forums.  I happen to like forums for discuttiona nd solving user issues as opposee the the "ask a question" format similar to that which is/was on the dnnsoftware.com site.

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