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modules from github.com

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New Member

New Member

    When I try to download a module such as the "DNN Events module" I am able to download the zip file from the github site .Then when I try to install it on my DNN 9.3.2 site Install Extensions  I get the message that " An unknown error has occured please check your installation zip file and try again.

    Does this mean there are problems with this module zip file?

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

      Hi Rob,

      I just tried on my local 9.3.2. install and the module installs without problems. Als dropping the module works fine and adding event as well. So... sounds like there is something not right at your end.

      First run checks:
      - Is there anything more in the Admin logs (persona bar - manage)?
      - Do you use the default theme or something else?
      - Is you install local, server or Azure?
      - Any other third party modules?
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      New Member

      New Member

        Hi Rob,

        Which ZIP are you downloading, precisely? You should go to Releases section (https://github.com/DNNCommunity/DNN.Events/releases in this case) and download last version. Be aware that lasts versions of DNN Events module are just for testing, as they are pre-release versions.


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        Basic Member

          Even quicker: Click the "Extension Library" link at the top of this page ...
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          Advanced Member

            The failure message displayed when an extension isn't installed summarizes a few reasons. Usually, you don't see it, but when I do, the most common solutions I've run into include: 

            • The zip file isn't actually a DNN-specific zip (install) file.
            • The zip file is larger than the allowed upload size on the website.
            • You downloaded and saved it, but didn't unblock the zip (common on newly configured servers/computers).  
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