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NEW RELEASE - nvQuickTheme 2.1.0

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Basic Member

Basic Member

    We are super excited to announce the release of nvQuickTheme 2.1.0! Here are the highlights (and there are some big ones).


    > Browsersync support:

    • Now simply run gulp serve to launch your local DNN instance and let it "live reload" any time there is an applicable theme change.

    > Support for Razor Templates in DDRMenu

    • The new default DDRMenu template in nvQuickTheme is Razor based. However, you still have the option to easily switch to the [TOKEN] based template (which is still included.

    > Import Bootstrap and include in SASS compilation, so variable names, mix-ins, etc. can be used/extended

    > Add styling for DNN default login module

    > Upgrade Bootstrap from 4.2.1 to 4.3.1

    > Upgrade Font Awesome from 4.7.1 to 5.9.0

    > Upgrade Gulp from 4.0.0 to 4.0.2


    > Correct stying of search preview list

    > Add 'TARGET' token to support DNN open page in new window

    > Make sure any SVG files in images folder get copied to the dist folder

    THANK YOU!!!

    Thanks to all the DNN Community members that have posted issues, made suggestions for improvements or have submitted pull requests. It is so great to see how this DNN Community is thriving and participating. Amazing things can be accomplished when we all work together!

    For the full release notes, see... https://github.com/nvisionative/nvQuickTheme/releases

    David Poindexter
    Corporate Website  |  Facebook Page  |  Twitter Page

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    Advanced Member

    Advanced Member

      Great stuff, David.  I also enjoyed the video you created to highlight the browser sync feature.

      Will Strohl

      Upendo Ventures Upendo Ventures
      DNN experts since 2003
      Official provider of the Hotcakes Commerce Cloud and SLA support

      Basic Member

      Basic Member

        Thanks Will. We are really excited about some of these new features and we already have more in the works for the next release!
        David Poindexter
        Corporate Website  |  Facebook Page  |  Twitter Page

        Creator of:
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