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How to Reset All Upgraded DNN to 9.7+ settings as an installing New DNN 9.7+

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    Thank you in advance for your support.

    It has happened to me many times that after upgrading DNN from 8.+ to 9.+ several errors and bugs. for example in this case http://2020.shaghayegh2.com/فروشگاه/عطر-ادکلن when you click on the brand name of perfume the URL will change from SEO-friendly to TabID method. but all settings look like is good and I never set to this changing happens.

    I looking for a clear upgrade way exactly sam as a new instalation dnn settings. without any errors and bugs.

    Can anyone help me to restore upgraded dnn to a new dnn? I'm talking about DNN 9.7.  this website 3 years ago upgraded from 8.4.2 to 9.1.1 and today upgraded from 9.1.1 to 9.7.0 but I have very slow DNN and issue in URLs. all settings are same new. but not working as well!

    Best regards

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      It is hard to tell what might have gone wrong here. There might me 3rd party themes or extensions or your own custom work that might have gotten in the way some how. Now, when upgrading from 9.1.1. it is recommended to bump to 9.3.2 first instead of 9.7.x directly.
      Note that 9.2 deprecated a lot of code, so it is important to test thoroughly.

      My default steps for an upgrade:
      - backup to a dev instance
      - remove extensions that are not needed
      - verify you are not using abandoned extensions. If there are no new versions, it is not said, they are compatible. If you have modules where the latest version/documentation is 3 years old, it's safe to say you need to look for alternatives.
      - read the release notes from DNN and the extensions. DNN Sharp for instance had some notes before upgrading from 9.1 to 9.3. And there are some versions (9.5) that are not supported by them.
      - upgrade extensions to the latest
      - backup for easy recovery
      - run a test upgrade
      - test, also on mobile as 9.7.0/1/2 has issues on mobile with instances with multiple aliasses
      - check the logs for errors
      - fix issues if needed
      - all lights on green: do the same on live or point DNS to the upgraded install
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