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Looking for Contact Us module

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Advanced Member

    Posted By Santiago on 01 Aug 2019 05:58 AM
    Posted By Michael Tobisch on 01 Aug 2019 03:13 AM


    Thanks Michael, I've tried an open platform like XMOD and it was too complicated to get setup for the time I have or the documentation was lacking which I find is common with many modules. The GitHub link you sent, do I download a .zip and then just upload that as the extension in DNN? 



    I think that it is that. Find some documentation here.

    Happy DNNing!

    Michael Tobisch

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    Basic Member

      Posted By Santiago on 01 Aug 2019 06:00 AM

      Thanks @Tycho, do you know how this ACtionForm compares to XMOD? 


      Actually I don't :-) 
      I gave Xmod a try quite a while ago but I knew even less about coding than I do now. My feeling is that much like the DNN sharp suite, Mandeeps suite, OpenContent/OpenForms and 2SXC/Mobiusforms it is a Swiss army knife that will allow you to build just about anything. 

      For me, as a tech savvy marketeer, ActionForm was the most accessible and had at that time some add ons I needed. Nowadays Mandeeps has pretty much the same but I got hooked on the DNNSharp suite as ActionForm connects to ActionGrid and MyTokens. This holy trinity opened up a world of possibillities for me. 

      If you just need a contact form and you know a bit of HTML, the open source options OpenForms or Mobius will most likely be sufficient. If you need a more drag&drop experience and think functionality might need expanding in the future, one of the commercial modules will save you a lot of time.



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      Veteran Member

        My personal favorite DNN extensions for any forms that we don't custom build are:

        Will Strohl

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        Basic Member

          Don't forget the core modules:

          https://github.com/DNNCommunity/DNN.Feedback is simpler and focused on very simple use cases for contract and/or showing feedback on a site. If you don't use the feedback portion, the submit form still works.

          https://github.com/DNNCommunity/DNN.FormAndList Is more customizable, a bit more clunky UI than other multi-purpose forms solutions.

          But both offer reCaptcha support now, are open source and any improvement is a welcome contribution :)
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