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Fake spam users

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    We have been using DNN since 3.x for our website for long and fake/spam users have always been an issue for us. I would regularly have to delete unverified users which is time consuming. For a while iWebs had a registration module with reCaptcha that worked, but that failed too at some point. Now that we upgraded to 9.x this module no longer works and we're down to out-of-the box verified user registration with the built-in captcha. Of course spam users are still trickling in. However, while before it was easy to bulk delete/expunge unverified/deleted users, since 9.x it seemt to have to be done one by one which is a bit of a disaster. I hope I've missed something?

    Where does DNN stand with regard to fake users at this point? Do they get in by direct posting / exploiting APIs or is it more "screen scraping" style with something like OCR solving the captcha?

    I had not previously noted the "Question and answer" option. Has anyone used this to their advantage?

    Any pointers appreciated. We're prepared to code and contribute as well if that's what it takes, but in that case we'd appreciate some pointers..

    / Lars

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    Veteran Member

      I haven't seen this be an issue on any of our websites for a long time.  I guess it's because of how we deploy websites now.  Some of the things we do to mitigate this include:

      • Change the names and create custom versions of the register and login pages.
      • Add RECAPTCHA to the registration page (only as a last resort).  
      • Use non-Core options for the registration and login forms (e.g., Live Forms).  
      • Put the website behind a CDN (e.g., CloudFlare, Incapsula, etc.).
      Will Strohl

      Upendo Ventures DNN experts since 2003
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      Basic Member

        I have seen a lot of sites with public registration open even though they don't need it. It was only like that because it was the default. If you do not need public registration you can switch it off an only admins can create users... Not sure this is a solution for you, just saying it often happens :)
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