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New Member

New Member

    Trying to edit a page and when I click on any of the dropdown options


    I get the following error ...

    Not sure what to check. Would appreciate some ideas on next steps.


    Advanced Member

    Advanced Member

      This sounds like a custom extension. Normally when this occurs, there is a pretty nasty exception occurring that kills the application pool. You'll want to check the Windows Event Log to see what the underlying exception is. It's possible - but not likely - that you'll also find supporting error details logged into DNN's logging locations as well.
      Will Strohl

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      New Member

      New Member

        In looking at the Event Viewer I see the following exception and I am nto sure what that means ...

        Exception information:
            Exception type: InvalidOperationException
            Exception message: The session based SearchQueue is empty.

        Basic Member

        Basic Member

          It would help if you could identify the module that you are using.
          Joe Craig DNN MVP Patapsco Research Group
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