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Liquid Content on DNN Platform?

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New Member

New Member

    I am waiting on a response from Evoq/DNN Support but was wondeirng if anyone out there has experience of using Liquid Content functionality on a DNN Platform site (such as downgrading the edition from Evoq Content to DNN Platform) or if the modules required and/or licensing does not allow for it?

    Along that line does anyone know of a possibility of replacing Liquid Content with functionality that does exist on Platform?

    Veteran Member

    Veteran Member

      LIquid Content does not exist for Platform. I don't expect that to happen either.

      May I suggest that you take a look at 2sxc and Open Content. Both are open source and very powerful.

      I use 2sxc and see no need to use anything else.

      Shameless plug: I'm doing a presentation at DNN Summit later this week where I will how how one can use 2sxc alone to build out a fairly complete website, and without having to do any coding. Drop in and see how far I can get with that plan.
      Joe Craig
      DNN MVP
      Patapsco Research Group

      Basic Member

      Basic Member

        i thought i had read somewhere in these forums that there is no going back from evoq - ie there is no downgrading per se. you would have to migrate functionality and content. I know nothing about liquid content or if it is a module or if it is compatible with dnn platform. based upon what i have read - and i am neither an expert nor well informed - i would think that there is no compatibility.

        i tried to install on platform a live chat module advertised for evoq, but found that it was incompatible.

        New Member

        New Member

          Thanks for your comments to both of you, and Joe I will be dropping in and checking out your talk.

          FYI I spoke with DNN Support today and they confirmed Liquid Content cannot be used in DNN Platform (however Tony I have downgraded an Evoq Content site to DNN Platform before, but it did not make use of any of the unique Evoq functionality, and in fact DNN Support helped with the process). They also confirmed coming soon a utility that will automatically port Liquid Content from their Azure cloud into on premise for self hosting (just requires the site to be on Evoq 9.6.1 or above)
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