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Cloaked Keywords Hack

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New Member

New Member

    Hi everybody,

    I'm curently dealing with a problem at Google Search Console about "Cloaked Keywords Hack" for one of my clients website.

    I'm not sure how to approach this and I'm looking for possible solutions. This is the current situation:

    1. I already check the files and folders for the website and there is no physical files recently change.
    2. I checked the pages structure within DNN and there is no pages others than the one I created.
    3. The website doesn't use HTTPS but some of the URL's show https like this one "https://agronegocioscr.com/the-lost-oawwdn/einstein-the-mad-scientist-genius-full-movie-565f1c"
    4. The Website is currently at 8.0.0 and I know I need to upgrade the DNN version to the latest but currently I've a conflict with the theme we're using and if I run the update the theme will have compatibility problems until we change the skin for a different one.
    5. The list of links are available at Google Search by using the query site:agronegocioscr.com (the fake results starts at page 2)

    The screenshot available here: https://we.tl/t-SGMIUoYdWu (link expires in 7 days)

    Thanks in advance.

    Advanced Member

    Advanced Member

      please check again, whether there are added subfolders and files in the root of your IIS website hosting DNN or redirect rules in web.config - but I suppose, it's the first - maybe even hidden in file system and NOT displayed in DNN File Manager.
      The page doesn't seem to be served by DNN, just plain html served by IIS - that might be the reason for https being used.
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