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How to create shared utility class

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New Member

New Member

    Can someone help me to understand how to create a utility class that can be used by any module on a site by importing it into a modlue's controller class?  It doesn't need to be a full module itself.  It's purpose will be to provide some custom utility functionality.  I figure that it's probably easy to accomplish.  I searched Youtube and the Internet for a tutorial but didn't find anything.  Thanks.

    Veteran Member

    Veteran Member

      To understand your needs better: Could you please give some information about the use case (which functionality etc.)?

      Anyway, it's always possible to create an assembly (.dll) that provides any functionality you like for your own (custom) modules and place it in the bin directory, but you cannot inject that into other modules, so I wonder what goal you are achieving.

      Happy DNNing!

      Michael Tobisch

      dnnWerk Austria
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      New Member

      New Member

        The use case is that I need to expose an API to my own custom modules that will call code to send SMS messages via Twilio.

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