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Telerik removal and Digital Asset Manager in DNN 9.11

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New Member

New Member

    A clean install of DNN 9.10 includes Digital Asset Manager and the related Telerik dll files.
    Telerik Identifier (IowaComputerGurus.Dnn.RelerikIdentifier_01.00.02) doesn't find or make any warnings (on a clean DNN 9.10 install) as to the presence of Digital Assets Manager and the related Telerik dll files within the bin folder. Disregarding the presence of these two Telerik files
    in the bin folder and this is what Telerik Dependency report looks like:
    'Success! No unexpected dependencies on Telerik were discovered. You should have a reasonable expectation of being safe to uninstall Telerik per the 9.8.0 instructions.'

    It is mentioned at dnnsoftware.com that from DNN 9.8 and on the install and upgrade bundles will be without any references to Telerik. 

    According to the official manual for removing Telerik from a DNN instance at:
    Digital Asset Manager and concerned Telerik dll files should be removed

    My clients website is making a large scale use of the Digital Asset Manager (DAM) and we are preparing for DNN 9.11. Even though the information from DNN concerning Telerik and DNN version 9.11 appears self contradictory my plan for the coming conversion from DAM would be to make use of Evotiva UserFiles, since the DNN DAM replacement, Resource Manager, makes use of a completely reinvented GUI that cannot work as a replacement for DAM.

    Any Ideas, information on coming version of Resource Manager in DNN 9.11, or am I just missing something?

    Veteran Member

    Veteran Member


      on a new install of DNN 9.10.x you still have to amnually remove the Telerik components. See DNN Platform Telerik Removal -- DNN Docs (dnncommunity.org) for details.

      When you upgrade a version where Telerik is removed, it won't re-install DAM afaik.

      Happy DNNing!

      Michael Tobisch

      dnnWerk Austria
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