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How to fix http/https url generation inside module settings/edit modal window iframe?

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New Member

New Member

    For some reason DNN generates url for src of iframe inside every modal for editing module or module settings with different protocol on localhost and prod. On localhost when page is opened via https, iframe also has https url. At the same time on prod when page is opened via https, DNN generates http url there for some reason. As result I'm experiancing this issue:


    Disabling modals would be really stupid solution as I need editing and settings for DNN modules. So I used workaround with meta tag added to a website via PersonaBar.

    That fix actually works, but firstly, it's not the most convenient solution. Secondly, it's a crutch. If localhost can generate https link, then it means that prod also can. But why it doesn't? It's a code that is generated by DNN, not by my code. So as result I don't understand right now what's going on about it and why.

    P.S. Just in case to clearify what I'm talking about:

    • login as superuser to your website
    • click pencil button to edit page
    • hover over any DNN module
    • click pencil icon "Edit module" or gear icon "Settings" (doesn't matter)
    • that's the modal window with iframe I'm talking about

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    New Member

      Hi Constantine,
      You can try to enable SSL in Security > More > SSL SETTINGS.
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      Basic Member

      Basic Member

        Posted By dnngo-Linda on 20 Jun 2022 02:32 AM
        Hi Constantine,
        You can try to enable SSL in Security > More > SSL SETTINGS.

        This does not fix the issue either, I'm not sure when it started but on a fresh instance of 9.10.2 there is no way to get the modal popups to load in https through DNN, short of placing an IIS rewrite rule for http to https for all requests


        Veteran Member

        Veteran Member

          How are the site settings? Because I had issues with canonical urls. If I set the aliasses as redirect, things were ok
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          New Member

            dnngo-Linda, for "IIS rewrite rule for http to https for all requests" to work I need browser to send request to server first. But browser refuses to send http request from https page at all. So it doesn't even get to server.

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