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Would like to help out with the DNN community.

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Basic Member

    I have been hearing this question a lot.  It should be a topic possibly in the DNN Topics.  And when things get brought up a lot here or in the issues if there is some way to help get the answer put into a link that would be awesome for our community family of DNN users/developers.

    Some sort of easy to do workflow that we all can simply understand.  And then help reference new people to the same.  Doing a reply post like this in my eyes is "Communty Support" and if you can give good feedback, insight on topics of discussion, a little can go a long ways.

    It is about the team or family we have more than anything as I view this as an open source organization.  There is a chain of command or there would be no organization.  Worker bees have an important place in an organization eco system.  Reporting issues, assisting with support questions for users or even helping bring conversations or narative in the right locations such as forums or something to be added to dnndocs.com.

    Right now for the fun of it I am looking at this list of DNN contributors  and thinking how can I move up closer to jungleboy, maybe one day take out zyhfish :)  ...   Forgive me as that is just some humor on my end as I probably did about all I can do with a few more things I am hoping I can help resolve if someone else does not do it first.  That makes me super happy when that happens I can't thank everyone enough for this latest RC seems very encrouraging.  I am still testing but nothing that isnt already reported as an issue, seems to be an issue.  I am starting to look at other parts of DNN to see how/if I can help more now which is fun.

    For DNN Developers to help I think just make a fix and submit the PR for any bugs, enhancements or whatever you wish to work on.  It is a true free for all in that area everyon has their own self interests in the project.  If the community approval board for the project likes your PR it will get approved.  BUild code that wont introduce breaking changes and adds a feature or fixes a bug and it will get accepted.  I am living proof of that as i just finally after decade got my first PR's introduced into the DNN community edition.

    Do what you can when you can if you can is my modo along with have fun with it.  It took 1000 different ways to successfully not make a light bulb.  Welcome to the family!

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

      That's pretty much the spirit of it :) Pick an issue you can solve and care about, scratch your own itch :) As long as it makes sense and does not break upgrades, submitting a PR even if not perfect will get you reviews if needed and we are here to help taking almost-good PRs to a state we are confortable merging into the platform. For larger work if you have hesitations, discuss it first to make sure to not waste time if there are concerns with the proposed solution.
      You are not authorized to post a reply.
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