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How can DNN Next improve ability harness the power of HTTP/2

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    I am curious about how DNN and HTTP/2 work together.  It feels like there should be a huge performance boost connecting to outside resources.  I am not sure if current versions of DNN will work the same as .NET Core or if core will provide even more crucial app performance that can use .NET Core.  What in DNN Next utilizing HTTP/2 that will be harnessed to help app loading times that has yet to be put to use and is a big part of the future?

    I just feel like every module should be HTTP/2 pushed to the client loading up the theme first then spinners for each module as they load so there is a feeling the page is loading and your ever looking at a blank screen for one second let alone 10 seconds waiting for the site to load you the entire website.  It would give a user a feeling that DNN loaded very quickly and you can look at which module is spinning and maybe even get some reports from it to help develop out faster load times and be able to back it up and brag about it when a vender sells a module.

    So an example of performance from an admin perspective is when I go to a site for the first time and it remembers my credentials from being persistent state.  It takes a lot longer than a normal visitor to know you are at the website and loading.  It feels like I should still see the website theme first that then maybe refreshes quickly into what takes a longer time to load with the smallest stuff loaded first to biggest...just so I know I made it to the site right off the bat... creating a sense of performance or speed when you first visit a site.  Maybe this is the login process taking up so much time?  Maybe when logging in the theme gets loaded first then a spinner time killer while it refreshes anything it needs to refresh with any added priviledges.

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      As far as I know, HTTP/2 has nothing to do with the application. It is a web server feature, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/ii...tp2-on-iis

      More info on first time loading http://www.dogu.io/blog/technology/...irst-load/. Optimize IIS see https://serverfault.com/questions/6...ows-server

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        I documented the current status of HTTP/2 support and a couple of ways the framework can make use of it in this GitHub RFC issue.

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          Thank you Brian I noticed that issue I love the ideas. It would be huge to get that into version 10 at least.
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