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DNN hostsettings logs not retrieved

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New Member


    I am using DNN8 version and also new to this concept,

    Actually the DNN logs are stored under "Portals\_default\Logs" location and when i navigate to  "Host >> Host Settings >>Logs"  log files were displayed. 

    Now i changed the DNN logs storage location and able to see the logs in new location or directory. But when i navigate to "Host >> Host Settings >>Logs" location new logs are not displayed. 

    if any body know the required modification to see the logs under logs tab kindly let me know.  Thanks in advance.

    Advanced Member

    Advanced Member

      Sounds like you are trying to modify a piece of the core which I would not advice. But if we take one step back: what are you trying to accomplish? Because I bet you don't get paid to move the location of logs ;-) So, you probably want to accomplish something else...
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      New Member

        Dear Tycho de Waard (SU),

        Thank you for your response,  

        Actualy we hosted our application(which is used DNN framework) in MICROSOFT AZURE and added scaleset support. If VM instance is scale-in(destroy) i will lose the error log files. For this reason i wanted to move these log files in to azure blob storage.  As mentioned in the earlier post  i am able to log the file in azure blob storage but when i navigate to "Host >> Host Settings >>Logs" location new logs are not displayed. 

        Basic Member

        Basic Member

          I don't know about DNN 8.x, but in DNN 9.x, there are two completely different sets of logs:

          1. In the PersonaBar (admin screens) you find the admin logs, which I believe are pulled from the database.
          2. On the filesystem you'll find Portals\_default\Logs, which are generated by log4net.

          They're not the same thing at all, and the second set of logs never show up in the admin screens. I imagine you can move the second set to azure blob storage. But the ones on the admin screens are unrelated.

          Someone else will have to confirm if that is also true in DNN 8.

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