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Sales and Prices

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New Around Here

New Around Here

    We are trying to contact sales team from 3 days witout any luck, is there are any way to reach sales team:

    We have a new project (will be used in Internal Network only) and we need to check your CMS if meet our needs which represented with the CMS must working without any INTERNET connection on the hosted servers nor users machines, in addition share with us, price plans for below products:

    1. Evoq Content
    2. Evoq Engage

    Veteran Member

    Veteran Member

      Is there any reason you need to use Evoq?

      In most cases the Platform is sufficient, esp. when using generic modules such as 2sxc - Dynamic Content and Apps for DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) or sachatrauwaen/OpenContent: Structured Content editing for DNN (Dotnetnuke) (github.com).

      Of course everything works without an internet connection, except you use some modules that need internet access. Examples for this could be commercial modules that check if you paid the subscription fees, or extensions that request data from an API outside of your network/company.

      Have a look at it and try it - it's free, so you just have to invest your time.

      Happy DNNing!


      Michael Tobisch

      dnnWerk Austria
      DNN Connect

      Veteran Member

      Veteran Member

        Unfortunately, we won't be able to help you contact DNN Corp. A handful of us do indeed have back channel emails that sometimes work, but sometimes. This is the website for the open-source community that builds, uses, and otherwise maintains the open-source DNN CMS product. Evoq is a commercial product with its own company backing, that's only supported by DNN Corp.

        With that being said, Michael is spot on... Is there a real business and/or technical requirement to use Evoq for some reason? Nearly everything you'd get with it you can get with the open-source (and free) DNN CMS. Even including the effort to implement it with hours and/or commercial extensions, it would be a tiny fraction of the price of one year of Evoq licensing alone.
        Will Strohl

        Upendo Ventures DNN experts since 2003
        Official provider of the DNN-based E-Commerce w/ Hotcakes Commerce Cloud and SLA support

        New Around Here

        New Around Here

          We are an authorized DNN Corp partner and you can also purchase Evoq licenses from us. You can also ask us any technical questions.


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