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Enterprise Support?

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New Around Here

New Around Here

    Hi community,


    I manage and run an enterprise CMS for the DoD. I am looking to migrate to DNN from another platform. Currently we have the open source piece installed and am loving what we see so far.

    However, I would like to talk to someone regarding the enterprise version and discuss levels of support. I have sent multiple emails to the support email address listed on the site, but they have gone unanswered. I have also attempted to call the phone number 650 288-3150 and all I get is that someone is on the other line.

    Can someone please assest?


    Veteran Member

    Veteran Member

      Hi Ncrose,

      Welcome to the community!
      I have to say that your experience with DNN Corp is not an exception. In the past there were 2 reasons to purchase an enterprise license: features and support. Nowadays, the open source version (platform) is leading the code and is the better option. Same goes for support: there are dozens of companies to choose from who will give you the desired support, 24x7, quick & guaranteed response etc. And very knowledgeable as many of us have over a decade experience with DNN.

      Tjep's digital agencyRegards,
      Tycho de Waard

      Tjep's digital agency
      We just love DNN

      Veteran Member

      Veteran Member

        Yes, Tycho's advice is spot-on.  DNN Corp will be an option again, if they can consistently respond to inquiries.  However, our clients (all but one) have migrated to the open-source version you're referring to.  

        As far as support goes, there are numerous options from the community/ecosystem.  I invite you to go to the Agencies page to find some companies you think might be a good fit, then interview each.  :)  

        By the way, depending on where in the world you are (and budget), you can interview some companies face-to-face in the upcoming DNN-Connect conference.  (This one is in EU, but there's another one in the US in the early spring/late winter.)  

        Will Strohl

        Upendo Ventures DNN experts since 2003
        Official provider of the DNN-based E-Commerce w/ Hotcakes Commerce Cloud and SLA support
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