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    Posted By Henrik Spang-Hanssen on 1/24/2024 8:40 PM

    The company that I am representing consist of about 1200 employees all members of different network groups and userroles and in the time of the Digital Telerik Manager, DAM, they used to share documents by means of DAM. 
    The DNN Resource Manager is supposed to replace DAM because of some security risks regarding the former.

    But some crucial features are still missing to Resource Manager which I have mentioned in an enhance request at github about a week ago, Jan 15. 24, describing these issues:
    The Digital Assets Manager from Telerik contained this functionality that seems to be missing within the DNN Resource Manager:
    Right clicking a folder gave access to the 'Copy url' method.'
    When in the Resource Manager interface you try to load the content of a folder, for example the root folder, containing a rich list of files you could easyly get an impression that nothing is happening because of a lack of user feedback like a page spinner or a loader icon.
    As the above mentioned enhancement request has passed unoticed or without any comments I am using this forum to check whether I did overlook any topics or solutions to this issue.

    DNN is based on the work of volunteers (as most Open Source projects are).
    So, if a developer wants to spend time on an issue (mostly because they need it for a client themselves) a suggestion will get implemented.
    But there is no guarantee. So if you really need this change, I guess Wills suggestion to sponsor a developer to make the fix for you is best.

    As an alternative you can have a look at this commercial module: https://www.evotiva.com/products/dnn-user-files



    You are not authorized to post a reply.
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