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Addition on an Agency

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    Posted By Olly Hodgson on 25 Jun 2019 06:34 PM
    Posted By Will Strohl on 25 Jun 2019 05:23 PM
    Posted By Daniel Valadas on 25 Jun 2019 01:46 PM
    Interesting, but the logo is Dnn, not DNN :P

    Which logo are you looking at? :D

     = Dnn :p


    Uh... those letters in that logo are literally the same size.  :D 


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      Small caps is a thing. ᴅnn.

      How far do you think we can take this off topic ;-)

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        This is a very creative group of people.  There are no limits!


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          In preschool, they told me to count the lines n vs N see the shape difference here, 2 vertical lines vs 3...

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            Could we please request agency addition?  How do I give you my logo? (its in our profile)

            PureSec ICT


            We develop high quality websites, digital offerings and social media strategies that help business owners attract perfect clients by articulating their unique point of difference, offerings and services.

            We Specialise in end to end digital services - from Hubspot CRM, Google, Hubspot Analytics and Facebook Insights/Business Suite, DNN Website Development, graphic design and custom module builds, content writing and Organic Facebook Marketing and Management.  We offer once off and ongoing managed services as well as hosting packages.  

            web:  puresec-ict.com.au

            email:  [email protected]

            fb: puresecict

            linked in: puresec-ict


            Thanks so much, we look forward to joining you - we have been DNNers since DNN 4 but now expanding.


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              Hi there, could you add our Agency please.

              Name: OPSI Service S.r.l.


              We provide our clients with a wide range of smart DNN solutions and services, such as consulting, system integration, website development, training, web hosting, and modules and skin development.
              We are able to offer solutions for highly specialized and challenging sectors like government, health care, insurance, banking, manufacturing, media and entertainment.
              To guarantee the best user experience for both our clients and their customers, we project and customize our design solutions according to the client’s specific requirement and needs.

              Website: https://www.opsi.it

              Email: [email protected]

              Phone: +39 0362364127

              Location: Italy

              OPSI Srvice S.r.l.

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                You have been added

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                  You have been added. You might want to consider adding SSL to your domain btw. Adds to trust and gives you points in Google.


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