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Page Load Exceptions

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New Member

    I'm trying to trace down why I'm not getting a stack trace for a PageLoadException. 

    In my specific case, placing a module on the page seems to work fine in DEV, and its rock solid, has been for years. But mysteriously in product the module renders once, then blows up.  I suspect there's some discombobulation with permissions causing this but without that stack trace its hard to find what.  I set out to find out why.

    First, the stupid question.  Is there a setting that turns off stack traces - specifically, all log records have no ExceptionHash and there is of course no consequent exception record generated.  

    In investigating this, I track down this OnError handler from PageBase:


            protected override void OnError(EventArgs e)
                Exception exc = Server.GetLastError();
                Logger.Fatal("An error has occurred while loading page.", exc);

    /* Stuff */        

        Exceptions.ProcessPageLoadException(exc, strURL);

    From what I understand, there's circumstances where Server.GetLastError() in ASP.NET returns null and so what will happen here is that you could wind up with the scenario of actually not getting a stack trace.  Do you think this is what I could be dealing with here or am I just barking up a wrong tree.



    Basic Member

    Basic Member

      I wish I could help here more but I am not the guy... I don't know of a setting in dnn but here is a post that says the following :

      the following way you can disable or enable stack trace in web.config
      past here as a quote didnt work for the info below...

      <>  configuration

      <>  system.web

      <>  trace enabled="false" localOnly="true"

      with <> around each of those lines above in the web config is what this thread you can do for an ASP.NET app... so DNN should be included in that arena should work.


      there is the link I found that info, could this work?


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