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DNN Community Developers Challenge

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    To help drive a bit more activity in the DNN Community Platform I am challenging those who can develop to put down at least one accepted pull request before 2020.

    I had recently discovered that the platform is now a .NET Foundation member.  DNN Community edition needs to get to DNN.vNext soon as soon as possible.  It is a bit of a push right now to make this happen and it is clearly on its way thanks to those willing to help take on such a project.

    There are many issues with version 9 that still need addressed and there are simply not enough worker bees here to take them all on.  Don't get me wrong... DNN version 9 can come a long ways since it's initial release.  DNN version 10 will be the first community open source release in 10 years... there are some big things going on behind the scene to make this all happen.

    It is a challenge to be so new to a community environment after being under the wing of a parent for so long and let let free to fly.  DNN should be Core already is the real situation.  DNN is now behind 2 years plus in development.   Nights I know are going to be volunteered to help move this ahead.  I am asking anyone able to adopt an open source project like this and help it move forward on your own love for helping it would be simply awesome.  Once DNN moves to .NET Core it will unlock all the doors we need today to develop and perform with the latest.

    I gave myself the role of being a worker bee for DNN while I learn and finish my education on a few topics. A self goal of mine I suppose is to finish/extend my education as a developer and learn.  It is challenging as having a teacher for a mentor is always nice to have.  So I am trying to bridge GitHub Issues and this forum for some dialog on issues that does not need to be on GitHub.  This way we can all learn together how to deal with making solutions for the DNN community platform. 

    So many places to go to get information however some places are better than others for different things.  If anyone has a link to a resource or can add GitHub pull request for the www.dnndocs.com project as well is appreciated.  Help getting info to a developer is a part of this challenge.  There is no "I" in team, but there is one in win.   We must take it on ourselves as a community driven site to come up with ways to enhance our collaberation and workflow.  So please accept this challenge in any way possible.

    Thank you EVERYONE for all the community support and love for DNN!

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    Basic Member

      I wish I could give a community award for a pull request submitted on Github.  I would like to recognize another community member taking time to volunteer and contribute a fix for a module that has been stale for some time.  DNN Events module has had little outside love other than the one person (Ernst Tamminga)  really supporting the events project development effort.   With that being said the award would go to this GitHub DNN Events pull request

      A bit of a HOORAY story seeing some activity in the DNN Events module open source project and for all the outstanding community volunteer members participating here.  You all deserve a lot of gratitutde from so many.  I am very happy to see someone that puts their effort into a community project like DNN Events which has been fairly stale I think they should get a little extra love here.

      All the hard and AWESOME support help that went into the current 9.4.3 RC recently as well.  Thank you!  DotNetNuke still has issues but so many went away at the same time.   I have noticed great improvements in speed with a lot better responsiveness of the past releases. But for putting out an RC for the community  to test for hopefully a solid release so quickly after is one heck of an awesome community effort happening now.  Good job!  I look forward to it being released.  I am hoping most all other bugs get ironed out as well in the near future for version 9.  I know everyone is working hard as I put at least an hour plus in everyday for my own personal goals with learning DNN.  I am currently sharing whatever I can learn along the way.  One thing is simply learning how to submit a PR. Then having one accepted is a blast.  My changes will one day be changed and improved on.  I love it... I am here for the community team and I love to win.

      Seeing how different bugs get fixed is very educational for someone like me trying to learn or refresh some development skills.  For those putting out pull requests every release dont think you have been forgotten, you all ROCK!  And those getting involved helping volunteer support towards DotNetNukes modernization using .NET Core framework my hat is off to you.  I have been reading about the steps needing to happen in version 9 and 10 to limit breaking changes moving to the DNN.vNext project.  For those wishing to just see a version 9 fixed these bugs need fixed now.  Efforts will move towards 10 and should so we can get to 11 (.NET Core).  This is the DNN roadmap from my understanding as of currently so things are getting changed in the background each release as delicately as can be given what we have as a community to pool as resources.

      After waking up I had to make post like this because it was almost unbelievable seeing a bug for one of DNN modules getting loved on.  The platform changes are important and the modules need the support to move with DNN and the times as well. This community is awesome and it really shows how much it shines when a fix for a bug is created or add a new feature.  It is like the freshest breathe of air you could ever desire at times for those using and trying to help fix that are not due to whatever reason.

      This is our community domain.  The only one that is going to clean our house here is us.  It is always a welcome to see new members in the family or old ones reach accross the board somewhere new helping clean up a mess.

      I wish everyone traveling a safe holiday season and have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you all !!!

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