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Discord Open Source

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    Could a great solution to helping discuss issues with DNN be a Discord Open Source channel?.  Especially things like last minute questions before releasing an RC as some issues might get posted 5 hours before and if the person in charge of the release does not get a proper notification this can have a bad impact on the community.

    You can use voice or leave messages that stay around for when someone logs in.  Someone could be Ouch the RC broke my site! and get assistance in real-time discussions and text messaging posting images and links to help.


    as used for the .NET C# community

    Private channels can be created along with public lobby area for general discussions... Also you can put up on the DNNcommunity website a place that shows who is online in what channel... pretty slick.  A modern spin off of the awesome team collaberation software TeamSpeak.


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      look at that view count :) no replies however :(

      no passwords, no emails, click and go from browser, chat, speak... collaberate.

      I suppose i can put one up for myself or join the C# discord see if I can make a DNN channel there.

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        Cody, we use Slack for now. Pls, go there if you want to help on testing
        DNN Technology Team | Area Lead Testing | Read the manual https://dnndocs.com/index.html

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          Yeah, I don't think extra channels will help, we have github, the forums, slack and facebook already, we zoom and skype and have scheduled meetings, some of us even call each other :) I think on the communications front we are more than good.
          The split of communication channels has been a challange and people sometimes put stuff on facebook that should be a github issue, and github issues for general discussions, etc.

          I think:
          Github should have: Actionable items, reproducible bug reports on current version, improvement and new features that have been discussed and are ready for development.

          Facebook: General chit chat and social

          Forums: Troubleshooting help on workaround, advices, questions, discussions, stuff that is indexed and searchable.

          Slack: Chat between members in some workspaces and openhelp.slack.com that is open to anyone for chatting. This is very similar to discord and I think adding another thing that is too similar then where people are already will just make it so there is less people in each place...

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          Veteran Member

            Posted By Daniel Valadas on 19 Nov 2019 06:09 AM

            Yeah, I don't think extra channels will help, we have github, the forums, slack and facebook already, we zoom and skype and have scheduled meetings, some of us even call each other :) I



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              I tried to join SLACK... said I am not welcome to any project.

              Discord would not do this

              I don't personally use facebook believe it or not... forums is not real time, github you get complaints for discussion topics asking for help along with a lot of confusing replies trying to re-explain what they didn't read, zoom/skype that is a personal thing...

              I guess count me out then I am just one person no worries... I will create a Discord channel for personal use and for anyone wishing to chat and post it here I guess... i dont know I am lost for words what is the big deal
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