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Visual Studio Must Have Extensions for DNN Devs

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Basic Member

    I would love to hear everyones feedback on dnn devs must have extensions for visual studio.  I am slowly setting up my IDE really need some guidance help to cut down on some research efforts.

    I see I need the GitHub extension which you download in VS 2019 and cannot from the website it will error and as it will tell you to go to the application to launch.

    I really dont want to clutter my DNN IDE and keep it clean as can be running community edition.  Any help here is awesome.

    On a side note the sticky here goes to a bad link here and needs updated to something like the following found on the https://www.dnndocs.com home:

    A recommended IDE setup page would be nice for a great starting point in this developer area.  And maybe also some common debugging tools and techniques.


    Hello, Developer! DNN has an open API and many extension points. Developers can create custom DNN extensions using various development approaches. The content in this section will help you get started and learn more about DNN's extensibility model and applicable development patterns.

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    Veteran Member

      I am not a dev, so not much of a sparring partner but...I did change the link to docs ;-)
      Let me see if I can find a dev for you.
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      Basic Member

        Dnn compiles and debugs fine on Visual Studio without any special Visual Studio Extensions. There is no special debugging tools for Dnn code, you just attach the debugger to the process and debug like any other application.

        For github you can use any git client depending on your preferences, it can be Git Bash (command line) or the Visual Studio git extension, or any other like Github Desktop, Git Kraken, etc. If you are not too much into advanced git stuff and the command line, then yeah the VS Git Extension does the trick. If you really want to learn git property, using the command line and reading the git docs https://git-scm.com/docs/user-manual is very valuable knowlege to have.

        As for special areas of Dnn like the React components then this uses webpack and will have the debugging tools (like redux devtools) directly in the browser UI when built using the live-server. Work in this specific area requires good knowledge of React and Redux and Webpack which is not something we can document here since it is not Dnn specific.

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        Basic Member

          For myself, I try to keep my IDE as limited as I can, but I do have a few things specifically configured inside of VS to make my life easier.

          * ReSharper - Yes, it is a bit of a performance hog, but the benefits are far greater than the detriments.
          * Visual Studio Tools for GitHub - Just makes my life easier for doing contributions, I use command line stuff for PR processing etc. though

          That is it from a Visual Studio perspective, and all that is directly related to how I contribute to the platform.

          Now, for client-projects, where I'm working on building DNN solutions I also have a set of DNN Azure DevOps Pipeline tasks that I have to have installed in Azure before I work on any project (https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=iowacomputergurus.dnn-pipeline-tasks)
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          Basic Member

            React and Redux and Webpack which is not something we can document here


            Thank you all for your support here. This makes sense as all I have installed is VS Code, VS Community and GitHub extension. Maybe resharper as well but it was a popup recommendation I believe.

            The Git link is nice to have, would be a good thing in DNN docs for IDE just to explain this as short as possible with a few links to each product/extension and support docs that relate, even the ones that are not a part of DNN. Maybe I need to read DNN docs but whenever webpack react or redux or github is written possibly it can have a link created that back links it to the help file in DNN Docs that explains a little about each one and how it relates to DNN along with helpful links to tutorials and docs that relate as well.

            I appreciate all three of your replies, support and past contributions as it helps me get to know the DNN family a little better :)

            Any other tips are welcome.


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