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Is this a true turning point for DNN?

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    As some of you already know, I'm currently working in an environment quite different from DNN (Liferay, to be more precise). Two months ago I was hired by a consultancy company and that's mainly paying my bills now. However I've not quit DNN, still using it for my own particular clients. I'm even trying that my new company adopts DNN as one of many CMS platforms we use; they used DNN in the past but put it aside because of the uncertain future that DNN has.
    In this context, I've just had notice of Vanjaro (www.vanjaro.com), that looks as a promising turning point for DNN. What are your thoughs about this? Mandeeps is one of oldest and best reputated members of DNN echosystem, so anything coming from them must be watched with attention and respect.


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      Hi Francisco

      Great to have you still with us;-)
      Although I don't have a crystal ball, I too see more encouraging things:
      - Mandeeps did not only announce Vanjaro but his Live Storefront is succesful, the Live Visualizer is a very user friendly version of 2SXC and/or ActionGrid and all his products have had updated UI's. So, he is still investing.
      - Shine is a new module of Scotiacode, also replacing the Persona Bar (I guess some people are not fond of it)
      - EasyDNNSolutions created the Blockbuilder (pagebuilder)
      - DNN Sharp recently launched Plantanapp.com which is actually a UI on top of the entire DNN Sharp suite. This is a low code environment which does the heavy lifting for you (creating databases, field types, connecting table a to table b etc)
      - Andy Tryba promised to launch a new DNN Store on DNN Summit (If I remember correctly) and so far he kept his promisses...curious to see what/how it will be,

      That's all inside the community.
      Recently I was guiding a government agency for a CMS selection. DNN ended at the short list (5 CMSses) and the editors considered DNN as the most user friendly CMS. But the number 2 is gaining ground swiftly as there are weak points within the DNN community:
      1. brand awareness. Nobody knows DNN, although in The Netherlands DNN has almost as much installs as Drupal. DotNetNuke/Evoq/DNN/DNN platform/... All these different names divided the brand name in smaller pieces.
      2. number of vendors. Most vendors follow the money. In the world of .NET that means Sitecore, Kentico and for now Umbraco.
      3. company size: although it says nothing about knowledge or support, a CMS earns more trust when larger digital agencies have adopted that technology.

      BTW Liferay was also on our short list. But the editors were clear: "that is by far the most confusing and annoying CMS of the day". :-)


      Tjep's digital agencyRegards,
      Tycho de Waard

      Tjep's digital agency
      We just love DNN

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        Yeah, Liferay is like a huge lorry, able to deal with any load, but without power steering... ;-)

        Sitefinity also looks promising...


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          Vanjaro has huge potential, no doubt. I'm doing a talk on page building at the DNN Summit and will be giving examples of the tools that Tycho had listed in his reply, and of course, Vanjaro will be one of them. DNN had the right idea early-on: it was the first front-facing page builder, while the others were sending you to the 'back-end' of the site to add pages, modules and even force you to figure out the menu structure. DNN 6 had a nice face-lift with it's translucent buttons that magically appeared, then that was lost in 7+. Mandeep is posting a new video each day at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjq1OgGmJl7poZ4pEKk0HHg and I look forward to watching it as it unfolds, plus beta test, and ultimately, help promote this new open-source offering.
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