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    When we started with Vanjaro, we looked at many leading options including elementor for Wordpress. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFuoWW9-M60&list=PLLwyyJ9_yNldtZSl_pEIGcko8JNQhSN3U

    Interestingly, elementor is open source. See: https://github.com/elementor/elementor

    However, it's tightly coupled with wordpress and written in php and thus was NOT an option for us. Regardless, we were amazed with its simplicity and layout and that's the only parallel with Vanjaro. Other than that, Vanjaro has no connection with Elementor.

    Regarding where there will be other versions or flavors of Vanjaro then please read the discussion here: https://www.vanjaro.com/conversation/what-is-vanjaro

    Our goal is to maintain a single optimized product edition and rely on ancillary services to generate revenue such as SaaS, Support, and Commercial Apps/Modules (similar to current model of Mandeeps.com)

    This will allow others to develop blocks & apps and contribute to community either commercially/paid or open source/free.

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      I understand your strategy but this means it is a fork and we should not see it as something we can install on top of DNN platform.
      DNN Technology Team | Area Lead Testing

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        but this means it is a fork

        Wow! Jumping to conclusions? Vanjaro is NOT a fork of DNN Software. Please DO NOT spread misinformation and divide an already dwindling community we have. If you're interested in technical information then join us at DNN Summit next week. For those that can't attend, we'll post a blog on Vanjaro.com.

        we should not see it as something we can install on top of DNN platform.

        That is correct. It's not a DNN Extension; it's more than that. Again, please join as at DNN Summit to learn more.
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