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New GitHub Issue Labels

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Growing Member

Growing Member

    I am looking for information on the new label definitions being used in GitHub for issues.

    I just want to be clear incase I want to spend some time working on an issue if it is one up for grabs.  Also I see different levels of difficulty per issue which is interesting to know how those get defined.  I understand it is a work in progress and will probably get changed.

    One other thing is I am not aware of where I should be posting DNN Platform Source specific discussions.  Had to take a break and I will come and go but hoping I can still contribute some more help to get DNN working in the community's favor.

    I have yet to setup a "development" environment I really do most my work just looking at the pages of code.  In fact I only tested a few things before putting out the PR's and I know I should be testing prior to a PR.  For example that email sending from test SMTP settings it was very exciting to see it work ;)  You all helped me out tremendously thank you for all the support helping me figure out how to make a PR.  I am about ready with time and motivation to setup a workstation for developing DNN Core.  I am hoping over the next year I can boost my experience and knowledge to throw down some more useful deep thoughts to contribute. 

    MVC SPA NET Core along with Razor Pages seems to be the direction while putting to rest web forms.  I know all the modules need to be updated now to a SPA or MVC module to work in the future.  I imagine this is a DNN Version 10 focus once other things are finally in place to step forward more in that direction.

    I have setup a few IDE's for DNN in the past I just have so much on my plate... 

    Thank you all for your awesome help and contributions!  YOU ALL ROCK!!!

    Veteran Member

    Veteran Member


      is this not clear enough?


      Happy DNNing!

      Michael Tobisch

      dnnWerk Austria
      DNN Connect

      Growing Member

      Growing Member

        I appreciate your link to the page how could I have missed it being posted about a week earlier... it sure helps shine some light on things but everything is obvious just using github. I figured out everything in this blog post before I even read it except some of the finer details which I could of guessed.

        To be frank Michael, it is huge amount of info on one page. And when I boil down to what I am curious about it stops there. Secondly this information I am referring to probably should reside in the DNNDocs.com pages under platform development. The current list could just be updated as things need changed and put a link on the project homepage and then someone like me can find it. Last what I am curious about is what do the terms mean themselves by definition for example "Status: Ready for Development" . What does this mean exactly? Someone is developing it so don't worry about it.. or does it mean whenever you are ready go ahead and develop a solution, or does it mean it is ready for development project?  Maybe this is already in DNN Docs so I need to do some more researching around or it is under development possibly as I am sure it will probably be in there with definitions.  I know this is a continous work in progress.  Just some feedback I suppose from someone on the outside looking in.  Not a big deal I am just one of the many lone wolfs trying to understand and help where I can when I can...

        Maybe this can help clear up my issue here. As well as a place here in the forums to discuss platform specific development, not just testing or modules. But core development. I would love to strike some conversations up with others like me trying to learn more about DNN open source platform code. I may be a novice compared to others but we are all stepping up the same staircase one step at a time. Everyone has their own pace to taking each step.

        Thanks again for the link I appreciate the read that should help others understand why the change was made.

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