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Help, missing permission on login

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Veteran Member

Veteran Member

    Yes, logging in to another portal works. In fact, it might be a decent idea to create a separate portal that you can use for logging in if something like this happens again.

    Yes, you can do this in SQL. I've never done it, though.

    I would have looked for the setting that points to the custom login page, though, and set it to the default.
    Joe Craig
    Patapsco Research Group

    New Member

    New Member

      I thought of that also, but could not find any path that links to a default login, the Tabpath is //login. So tried flagging it as deleted, thinking it would simply revert to default but did not work either. I was wondering if I should try inserting a new permission row into TabPermission with correct tabid, role etc ???

      New Member

      New Member

        In case someone is still trying to find a solution, this was a fix for me. You need CRUD access to the database either through the SQL tool in Host or SQL Management Studio.

        We need to add a role to the TabPermissions table to configure the offending "Login" page to be accessible by "unauthenticated users".  It will not work with "All Users" permission as the users have not authenticated themselves before they try to access login.

        Don't forget to backup your site and database first, just in case. I cannot guarantee this will work for everyone. it is worth checking all columns exists and bring back a result in a select, before running an update

        1. Find the tabID of the login page (you can use this handy little script).
        SELECT portalID, TabID, TabName, Title, TabPath, IsVisible AS InMenu, IsSecure, SkinSrc, ContainerSrc,
            SELECT '; ' 
              + ISNULL(r.RoleName, CONVERT(NVARCHAR, tp.RoleID)) + ' [' 
              + SUBSTRING((
                  SELECT ', ' + PermissionName 
                  FROM TabPermission tpSub 
                  INNER JOIN Permission p 
                    ON p.PermissionID = tpSub.PermissionID
                  WHERE tpSub.TabID = tp.TabID 
                    AND tpSub.RoleID = tp.RoleID
                  FOR XML PATH('')), 
                3, 1000)
              + ']'
            FROM TabPermission tp
            LEFT OUTER JOIN 
              (SELECT RoleID, RoleName FROM Roles
              UNION ALL SELECT -1, 'All Users'
              UNION ALL SELECT -2, 'Registered'
              UNION ALL SELECT -3, 'Unauthorized') r 
                ON tp.RoleID = r.RoleID

            WHERE tp.TabPermissionID IN
              (SELECT MIN(TabPermissionID) 
              FROM  TabPermission tpMin 
              WHERE tpMin.TabID = Tabs.TabID
              GROUP BY tpMin.RoleID
            ORDER BY tp.RoleID
            FOR XML PATH('')), 3, 1000) AS Permissions
        FROM Tabs
        WHERE PortalID in(0) //replace with portal id

        --and tabid in()
        AND IsDeleted = 0
        ORDER BY TabPath

        2. Once you have the tabID amend and run the following Update.
        UPDATE tabpermission SET RoleID = -3 WHERE tabID = "YourTabID" AND PermissionID = 3

        The login page will be accessible now,  so login and update the permissions as required for the login page


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