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DNN Next Future Proof Module Preparations

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Basic Member

Basic Member

    I am looking for any suggestions regarding future proofing any new development efforts to work with DNN Next and .NET Core.

    This is what I currently understand and please correct me where needed.  I am hoping to help other future module developers with this thread that might be interested in the same thing.

    • Web Forms is going away
    • HTML5 CSS3 and JS (probably most preffered)
    • Razor Pages is an option
    • MVC Modules using SPA (most future proof approach)

    We can currently develop these modules I believe and they should work in future versions including .NET Core versions.  Web Form projects such as the DNN FAQs needs volunteer help to convert these projects as soon as possible to ensure they work in the future version coming in probably about 1 Year I am guessing depending on how much communtiy volunteer support can get on board.  I seen a few new people helping in areas on the project so I am thinking as we get closer more will get onboard speeding up progress for the DNN Community edition hopefully to get to the .NET Core DNN vNext which I believe is version 11?

    Version 9 is about polished up 10 is just around the corner I believe.  I think some updates here on the website roadmap when time to give a fresh view would be nice as it is a bit dated information now and can use a current status update.   This gives a time frame to allow knowing how far behind we are to meet our community goals.

    I am just trying to verify things as much as I can and get some opinions on different approaches that should work well going into the future with DNN. 

    I appreciate the support and love from everyone with each release getting better while making the migration.  I cannot wait for DNN Next but I understand the efforts needed to make this happen without introducing breaking changes and if anything needs to break to get there do it by version.  A lot of very tidious tasks but the team looks like it is getting stronger by the day helping support one another.

    Thank you very much... YOU ALL are AWESOME! <3

    Veteran Member

    Veteran Member

      I suspect that this will be a topic of discussion at DNN Summit in a few weeks.

      I also think that your timetable may be a bit aggressive.

      I also don't know if there are any sample modules that have been built in a forward looking way.
      Joe Craig
      DNN MVP
      Patapsco Research Group

      Basic Member

      Basic Member

        It is great to hear how the community members think on this topic. I think it needs to be discussed more here myself so we can energize the community towards progress. I would love to help and will help. I don't have the resources to make it to the summit this year but I wish I could it sounds like a blast. I am in the US although a ways away I know people in the area where it is being held, but still cannot make any trips at this time... too busy :)

        I will make some breakthroughs and help out possibly more in version 10 as I can. I look forward to some discussion here about the summit both before and after the event!

        It looks like the answer to my question is possibly Blazor Core in .NET Core 3.1 using SignalR.  I put up a post about Microsofts recent articles I found.

        I don't want to have to rewrite any modules so it looks like I really need to focus on helping with the transition to .NET Core where I can find a place to utilize my skills and help taka a small piece off the table and apply it towards the project.

        Thank you Joe for the reply.

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