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Is it possible to show a different homepage to NEW versus RETURNING visitors?

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New Member

New Member

    Is it possible to set a cookie so that whenever a new person visits my page, they see a different homepage than if they are a returning visitor?

    Sort of like a splash page?


    Advanced Member

    Advanced Member

      Well, you can actually set a splash page. It resides under :
      Settings - Site settings - Site behavior - default pages
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      New Member

      New Member

        Thanks for your reply. Do you know how it behaves? I.e., does it only show once to users?

        Thank you!

        Basic Member

        Basic Member

          I believe the splash page will show for anyone visiting the ROOT of the website, but if you click on the logo or HOME in the menu, it will take you to the page you have defined as the homepage.

          So ANY visitor hitting the root of the site will see the splash page.
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          Advanced Member

          Advanced Member

            I don't know of any possibility for that use case out of the box, but it should be possible to set a cookie when a visitor is visiting the splash page, and if the cookie is there, redirect to the "normal" start page or the requested page. This could be realized with some JavaScript injection on the Splash page, I would use Will Strohls Content Injection module for that (see https://github.com/hismightiness/dn...n-02.00.02)

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