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Site Settings Error

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New Member

New Member

    I have followed quite a few threads regarding this issue and still continue to receive the "There was an error retrieving your content. Please check your internet connection." (only on the Site Settings/Site Info and Site Settings/Site Behavior/Default Pages). This is on a brand new Dev site which I upgraded to 9.4.4 and then downgraded to  I noticed the error originally at the 9.1.1 version, but thought lets upgrade to see if a newer revision solved the issue.

    When I look at chromes dev console I am getting:
    https://***.com/API/PersonaBar/SiteSettings/GetPortalSettings?portalId=0&cultureCode=en-US 400
    Which seems to be getting the portal ID correctly versus other posts where I have seen it be undefined.

    I don't seem to see anything else in the logs that point to this issue.

    I have tried the following:
    - Newtosoft.json fixes with no resolve
    - removing the DesktopModules/Admin/Dnnpersonabar/Resourses/localresources.en-us.resources file with no resolve
    - Permissions at the root with no resolve.
    A variety of other fixes that have apparently fixed other users installations, but none have since fixed this for me. Just can't come up with anything viable to alleviate this issue and it is becoming extremely frustrating especially since I cannot make really any modications to the general site like I should be able to.

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    Advanced Member

    Advanced Member

      AFAIK you cannot "downgrade" - how did you do that?

      If it is "brand new", then you should delete the 9.4.4 site and set up the 9.3.2 site from scratch.

      Happy DNNing!

      Michael Tobisch

      dnnWerk Austria
      DNN Usergroup für den deutschsprachigen Raum
      DNN Connect

      Veteran Member

      Veteran Member

        It's most likely a DB issue that casues this.
        At what version of DNN did this installation start?
        There were some issues with invalid dates in DNN 8/7 that could cause this.

        New Member

        New Member

          So to clarify by downgrade I actually started from scratch again and followed a recommended upgrade path I found on the DNN site somewhere.
          The initial version on my host was a really early version of 7. I then jumped to 7.4.2 and then went to 8.0.4 and all was good with this error. I then went to 9.0.1 where the first occurrence of this being noticeable was, this is also where I noticed it the first time around. I then jumped to 9.1.1 and 9.3.2. During the first round of this I actually went to 9.4.4 and 9.5.0 just to see what would happen and it still was present. I currently sit back at 9.3.2.
          So I guess with all of that said it for sure starts with version 9.x.
          I tend to agree it is in the DB somewhere as DLL and various other configs in the web.config file look to be correct. It almost feels like localization, but I don't have any of that setup. Just really at a loss with this one.

          Veteran Member

          Veteran Member

            FYI, the reason that this started at 9.x is that the Persona Bar was introduced at that point.

            Since the error occurs for you with all versions of DNN 9, I would go to 9.5.0 try to solve the problem there. The only caveat would be if you are using modules that are not compatible.

            I think that all of the other fixes to which you refer have been fixed in 9.5.0.

            You refer to pages where the errors occur. Are you referring to actual site pages, or just to Persona Bar components? Does the site work otherwise?
            Joe Craig
            DNN MVP
            Patapsco Research Group
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