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DNN projects are going down day by day

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New Member

    I am working in DNN since 2005 and it's really frustrating now that DNN market is going down in the open market day by day. It seems that it's the marketing of DNN is not doing properly. 

    3 to 4 years back I found a lot of project on freelance websites not hardly 3 to 4 projects are announcing in a month or two. This product is very awesome just need to better promotion to come back in the market. 

    I already build the following successful system with DNN. 

    1) Real-estate customized module for managing & display properties  
    2) Project management system for Civil companies
    3) Complete dynamic CRM with customizing the form for an Australian Company to manage their customers and sales staff members 
    4) Educational examination system to manage question, answers and display result with BI and integrate with the in-house education system 
    5) Prisoner Management system for NGO dealing for the prisoner's families 
    6) Employee Progress Report System & Intranet Portal 
    7) Online Job Portal 
    8) E-commerce Application 
    9) Customize Video & Image Banner Modules 
    10) Customize Job Application & Selection Module
    11) Customize the DNN Forum & Blog System 
    12) Dozens of Single & Multilanguage large scale portals 
    13) Online Admission System for Students 
    14) News Management System 
    15) Testimonial Management System 
    16) Other mid-level projects by using DNN

    We need to work together to make this platform alive otherwise DNN will be fade out very quickly in a year or two 

    3ART TechnologiesRegards,
    Rashid Imran Bilgrami

    3ART Technologies
    Experts in Analysis, Design & Development for DNN and SharePoint Solution

    New Member

    New Member

      I'm a new user and trying to get someone/anyone from the Sales department to contact me. My company wants to purchase the software and we're ready to write the check today - but my requests and emails are ignored. The DNN Facebook site is stale as is the Twitter feed. These are not good signs for the state of the company. I'm giving them until Friday 7/17/20 to respond or else we're going to go with another product.

      Veteran Member

      Veteran Member

        This is not a solution to your problems, but you should understand that DNN is actually at least 2 things.

        The first is the DNN Platform open source project is "owned" by the dotNet foundation, and is maintained by the (somewhat loosely organized) DNN Community, the owners/creators/maintainers of this website. "All things DNN" are the product of this community effort. IMHO, the DNN Community and the DNN Platform are thriving.  The community is most visible here at dnncommunity.com.

        The second thing is DNN Corp,, which donated the DNN Platform to the dotNet Foundation, is owned by ESW Captital, and markets DNN Evoq which is a series of projects built on the DNN Platform. Evoq is a commercial version of DNN Platform, and includes custom extensions for the various versions of Evoq.  DNN Corp is at dnnsoftware.com and does run the DNN Store at store.dnnsoftware.com.

        This does make things a little confusing, especially to newcomers.

        So, if you are interested in the open source product, this is the right place.  If you are seeking support for the commercial Evoq prodcuts or want to purchase, you'll need to contact them.  I'm told that latter part isn't always easy.

        Because Evoq is built on DNN Platform, we can sometimes help you solve platform-related problems.  Paying customer have access to Evoq's support team.

        Joe Craig
        DNN MVP
        Patapsco Research Group
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