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Multiple Digarticle Modules in single row

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New Around Here

    I want to include two digarticle modules in a single row so that we can able to modified each module with controls but when I tried to make two module inside single row then, the second module controls are not active on hover, only first module controls are enabled in edit mode and I am not able to click any of the controllers.
    Here is my reference screenshots:-


    Here in the above screenshot, on top right we can see the controls are active for first one module only and not for second one. Edit, Settings and Move controls appers on hover for first one only and not for second one.

    Is the any solution to enable those for two modules in single row.

    Expecting help/solution at as soon as possible.

    Veteran Member

      "Expecting help/solution at as soon as possible."
      FYI, this is a community member website, if you want faster response times, please look for payed support.

      This looks like a z-index issue. might be an issue with the Theme, have you tried another Theme?

      Veteran Member

        Have you submitted a support request to the developer(s) of this solution?

        David Poindexter


        Senior Member

          I'd also suggest starting with contacting their support team.  It's possible that there may be an unforeseen conflict in the module itself, when added to the page a second time.  I only say it's possible.  I don't have any recent personal experience with that module.  

          New Around Here

            Tried with defualt Xcillion theme, still the issue persist.
            its doesn't seem to be a z-index issue becuase it works when we put two html modules in single row but doesn't work when we put two digarticle-article list modules in single row.

            I tried overwriting the z-index property in css and via js too, didn't worked for me.

            New Around Here

              No, I haven't submitted a support request. How can I do that ? Is there any link to it ?

              Veteran Member

                When you tested this with HTML modules, did you try making the Title of the top HTML module very long? I think that's what causing the issue TBH.

                Veteran Member

                  Posted By Nitin on 6/3/2024 10:49 AM

                  No, I haven't submitted a support request. How can I do that ? Is there any link to it ?

                  Dig Articles vendor site: https://www.dignuke.com/modules/digarticle



                  Veteran Member

                    Ok it's not the length of the title field.

                    I see two more possible reasons.
                    A. The Module loads CSS that inerferes with DNNs CSS
                    B. There is something in Portal.css causing this (see custom CSS in Persona Bar)

                    New Around Here

                      Tried to overwrite the css with custom css in persona bar, that didn't helped too.

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