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Future plan for DNN NEXT and .NET Core

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    I am very interseted in hearing more about this project. I have been thinking of how I would use .NET CORE and DNN.  I was going to make a mobile app using .NET CORE and have it work with the DNN database using API's.  

    I would love to hear any discussion on this topic.   Version 3.0 is where I think I will focus on near term as it is the latest upcoming with 2.2.

    I was thinking that a DNN device app is what I would create and make it using .NET Core.  This way both can co-exist.  Eventually even a full .NET Core version of DNN could be upgraded and still have the app running.  So if there is going to be a DNN NEXT using .NET Core it just seems logical to utilize the same backend with some cleanup, tweaks and enhancements as needed.

    .NET Core is more or less a multi platform language that can be ran on linux, mac, droid, windows with a fairly lightweight app.  So I almost believe the there will be two seperate projects going and am wondering when this one begins.  Correct me if I am wrong or enlighten me if you can more on the topic I would appreciate it. How is DNN NEXT going to be brought to life is my big question?

    My problem is I am always caught in crossroads of directions to go and I dont want to get left too far behind as I was studied UNIX and PASCAL (For the Y2k Bug) along with C, then PHP HTML CSS JS SQL to then .NET with its changes to MVC and SPA to now .NET CORE my head is spinning how many directions I have had to try to put my mind... when good ol C could be doing it all.


    Thanks again everyone!

    Veteran Member

      Cody, take a look at some of Mitchel Sellers' recent blogs and that should provide some nice insights.  https://www.dnnsoftware.c...view/authorid/391676

      David Poindexter


      New Around Here

        Cody, there is a lot of action happening towards a .NET Core migration with DNN but to prevent breaking changes a lot of work is happening. I would recommend you take a look at the Feature to add .NET Core Razor Pages support into the current version of DNN as a Module Platform.


        The Razor Pages Feature is the giant story that will hopefully provide a migration path from .NET Framework -> .NET Core.

        A big change that happened recently which will be released in DNN 9.4 is support for Dependency Injection which is using the same libraries used in .NET Core. Mitchel Sellers has a great blog about Dependency Injection and references many of my blogs documenting how to use Dependency Injection in DNN 9.4 in any of the module platforms that exist today.

        Growing Member

          I am glad I asked.  Thank you for the insight.  I will look into this further as I am taking on the idea of an approach with making an app for dnn that would allow an app to be installed via a store.  I am looking at different approaches towards this and like the idea of keeping everything server-side as was thought of in the 90's to be the future by Oracle.  Everyone just have a browser app that connects them to all their resources... so then I would think I can just create an app for the app store that opens a browser.  I have been trying to wrap my mind around what exactly it is I need to study this clears it up a lot. 

          I will be looking into what you all have posted it brings to light a lot on this topic for me to discover.  And to any further informative replies Thanks again!

          Advanced Member

            Where can I check/see the progress of DNN NEXT

            When is the RC1 planned?

            Growing Member

              William check out these links here:

              The articles above are great reads posted.

              Dnn.vNext GitHub Source prototype found here (edit)

              DNN Roadmap DNNCommunity.org

              DNN Milestones GitHub

              Man I can't say WOW enough to what is in store... i just cant wait :)


              LOVE IT!  Thank you for all your efforts!

              One huge read here but worth it to get enlightened, Thanks Andrew I am going to really brush up on what you are working on.

              Advanced Member

                Great! I see it's planned for Q1 2020...

                But progress is stuck on 41%

                Advanced Member

                  It's still planned for Q1 2020.. is DNN summit febr 24-26 the moment?
                  Can't find a RC version yet?

                  Growing Member

                    I think those release times for DNN.vNext might be pushed out but I do not know for sure as I believe from my understanding it will probably be version 11 as version 10 will be the version that prepares the next step for the migration path. And that is only if I am understanding how the current flow of things is going. Any light on this subject matter is always welcome from anyone that can keep us updated. Maybe another thread locked with version 10 migration improvements towards a vNext beta and show the steps needed to move forward and what step we are currently on.

                    For now it is more or less word of mouth and a level of understanding most of us do not have currently :) It would be nice to have something that breaks things down into laymen terms and helps keep us current with progress at some basic level. Community supported project so we get what we get when we get it...

                    You can download build and test what was released a couple years ago by Andrew although your modules will probably not work but I believe it functions and can show an example of what is to come.  I was going to test it out when I have more time.  Unfortunately I am pretty busy currently but hoping to keep moving forward on my own research for education and understanding on this topic.

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                      We are getting there I see it's planned for Q3 2020... Progress is on 58%
                      Will there be a Alpha release soon?

                      Are there any DNN-ers that tried or consider to use oqtane (blazer) ?https://www.oqtane.org/Re...g-from-dnn-to-oqtane

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