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Searchboost - Display Issues

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    With our dotnetnuke site we have installed SearchBoost.

    For the most part the searched results display fine except for many search queries that display the url of the result.

    Bad URL displayed https://{Site URL}/tabid/23/Default.aspx

    Good URL displayed wanted https://{Site URL}/friendly/name/of/page/currently/browsed

    We have posted to the module author and haven't heard anything so figured I try posting here for more visibility https://community.plantan...ion-Details/qid/2185

    Current Version of DOTNETNUKE 9.3.2 Search Boost Module Version 5.1.57

    Within the SearchBoost Search Settings we have tried: Excluding item from Search results from Portals > Page (unchecking) Excluding item from Search results Exceptions > Tab (adding 23 and urls) Re-indexed Cleared Cache

    Even trying to remove the item from the index is problematic

    Originally posted on other forums without any luck:


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      So you see the classic default.aspx url in the search results and not the Friendly URL.
      Is the for all page or just some of them?

      BTW, DOTNETNUKE 9.3.2 > Please upgrade your site ASAP as this is a 5 year old version with a lot of security issues that have since been fixed.

      Senior Member

        Welcome to the community, Justin!  I see that Michael invited you to get the post here from StackOverflow for more visibility.  Great idea!  :) 

        Like Michael, I'm not going to be able to help much with this.  The issue you're experiencing really has something to do with the third-party vendor that you're waiting for a response from right now. Hopefully, they respond to you soon. 😞 

        Veteran Member

          There are a couple of things:

          1. You can define what sources need to be indexed. You might consider unchecking Search results from the search boost settings. Mind you, this interface might be from a more recent version. 
          2. If you login on your console of Plant an App (https://console.plantanapp.com/support) you can create a ticket.
          3. Not showing friendly urls but tabs, looks like a rewriting issue and not so much of a search boost issue. As Timo said: please upgrade DNN and change the rewriter provider to get better urls. Mind you, upgrading DNN from such an old version requires a plan where you also upgrade extensions like search boost and other third party and/or your own custom build stuff. Depending on the theme it might also even require testing of Bootstrap versions, fontawesome versions etc. Not extremely difficult but precise order of steps and testing.


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