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New Around Here


    We are using DNN Platform 9.13.0. We are looking to translate/provide the website in the following languages: I am little new to this, can you please point me in the right direction. 

    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • German
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Japanese

    I can see the following packs here - https://www.dnnsoftware.c...nload/language-packs (de-DE, fr-FR, it-IT)

    To test things out - I have installed 'fr-FR' core language pack. Under Admin -> Site Settings -> Languages. I can see Translated (checked), active (checked) and enabled (checked). Default language is en-US. 


    • How do we add/enable Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese? Do we need to translate the content manually for each page/module? 
    • Does all HTML module content be automatically translated by DNN? When I navigate to fr-FR page version, I am only seeing english text.
    • Can you point me to DNN localization documentation or videos to learn?





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      You may find this page helpful as this is currently the best place to find language packs.

      David Poindexter


      Senior Member

        Just for everyone's "FYI," the language pack resources will be moving from the DNN-Connect website to this one in the future. I'm not sure about exactly when, but that's the intent.

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          Will, I'm glad you mentioned that. Please remind me to schedule a time to chat with you about that. I've been chatting with Peter a bit about this and wanted to run some things by you to get your input.

          David Poindexter


          Advanced Member

            And about your content, language packs only include static localization (buttons, controls, etc.) Adding a language pack will not translate content, this is to be handled by translators (or some other system). When you enable content localization you will get an option to make all pages translatable, doing so will create untranslated and unpublished versions of each page for the language.

            So you get the original products page and a producsts-fr-fr for instance. A translator needs to go translate the page name, description and content to make it produits and so on and the user interface allows for marking individual pieces as translated.

            For modules the scenario becomes a bit more complex. For a given page you can have a couple of scenarios:
            - A module that has no need for translation (images, galleries without text), you can make it a reference so the same content shows on each language and changing the content on one affects all languages the same way.
            - A module that does not support localization and also does not support import/export. In this situation you can only have a copy of it and need to re-enter content in the other languages.
            - A module that does not support localization but supports import/export. In this scenario you you can have a copy that includes the content of the original but you can edit them (to localize them) without a change affecting the other languages.
            - A module that supports localization itself. You can keep a reference to the module and localization happens inside of the module itself.

            Once you feel a page is all localized then the localization UI allows you to make the whole page translated and to publish it. (Before it is published, it is only visible to administrators and users in the appropriate translation role).

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              Hi Raman,

              Like stated by Daniel, the language packages once installed will give you a head start on translating the content from the platform itself, but the content you've on your website must be manually translated and you've to go page by page.

              If you're going to deliver only the public content in different languages and all the administrators handle english, you can set the default language to English, don't install the language packages and from the language option in "site settings" you can enable all the languages you need and then, star to manually update the content for the corresponding language you're working on.

              Everytime you're going to work on a page from a different language you must always go to page settings -> localization -> make sure you check "translated" if you finish publishing the content in the correct language and also check "published" if you're ready to make the page public.

              My recommendation will be to focus on the default language first, once you finish with that language you can enable localization and start working one language at the time.

              In order to display the flags you must mark the language as "enabled" from page-settings -> language; but before you do this, you must have all translated content ready and all pages must be checked "translated" and "published".

              If you don't get to see the flags you can manually run a sql query to check the languages from the DNN Database and change the value "IsPublic" from false to true to the language you're not able to see the flag, that'll do the trick.

              Hope this helps.


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              New Around Here

                Thanks a lot for the prompt and detailed response. I really appreciate it.

                I was looking at the mentioned page - https://dnn-connect.org/community/translations

                I could not find Japanese or Chinese LP's, how do we add these or other languages not mentioned in the list?

                Would you have any insight on 3rd party module localization like XModPro or EasyDNNNews? Or should I contact the respective support for those?

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                  It appears someone is currently working to migrate https://dnn-connect.org/community/translations to https://dnncommunity.org/Resources/Localization so right now I think it is a bit in flux.  To my knowledge, there are no published LPs for Japanese or Chinese, but I may be wrong. 

                  For commercial modules like XModPro or EasyDNNsolutions, I'd recommend reaching out to those vendors directly to see if there is a way to help. 

                  Otherwise, you may be able to leverage the DNN Translator tool to help facilitate the creation of your own.

                  David Poindexter


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                    Posted By David Poindexter on 2/15/2024 11:53 PM

                    It appears someone is currently working to migrate https://dnn-connect.org/community/translations to https://dnncommunity.org/Resources/Localization so right now I think it is a bit in flux.


                    Here is the reason: A Central Hub for Language Packs (dnncommunity.org)

                    Happy DNNing!



                    Michael Tobisch

                    dnnWerk Austria
                    DNN Connect

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