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DNN Roadmap


As an Open Source project, the DNN Platform is developed in the open with input and participation by the community. Below is a list of upcoming releases and proposed dates along with the major focus areas for each release.  Over the coming weeks we'll be working with the community to further flesh out and refine the roadmap to give everyone visibility into what is planned for the CMS platform.

Previous releases 

Release Focus Code Freeze Release Issue List    
9.5.1 Patch Release: Bug fixes and some enhancements. Apr 10th

RC: Apr 13th

Final: Apr 20th

9.6.0 Minor Release. Q2'20


10.0.0 Major Release. Q3'20



Updated: March 24th 2020

* date subject to change if more then one release candidate (RC) is necessary

Further down the road

We have several topics that are not tied to one release. For instance, moving to .NET Core. What is the right time? How can we do that in context of DNN? Or other initiatives that need consideration whether to embrace or not. The Technology Advisory Group and the Developers Advisory Group consist of very experienced professionals and are well equipped to make these decisions. On a regular basis they publish the current status in the blogs so everyone has a clear idea of the road ahead.