Bringing overall strategic direction for the DNN Platform project and coordination between all leadership teams.

As the DNN Platform and DNN Community evolves, new ideas and technologies will surface.  These are great and we'll now have a "gatekeeper" funnel to ensure all parties are in the loop, providing feedback and are contributing to any proposed changes in direction or special project efforts.

LEAD: David Poindexter

David is the CEO of nvisionative, Inc. nvisionative is a Creative Marketing and App Development agency located in Mooresville, North Carolina. David has been an active member of the DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) community since its inception and is a proud and active DNN MVP. His open-source contributions are vital to nearly every DNNer. He has played a key role in organizing DNN community meetups, events and conferences across the United States and Europe, including DNNCon, DNN Summit, DNN Connect, Southern Fried DNN and more.

Areas of Focus

Issue Management

Vital to the success of any large open source project is a streamlined, efficient and effective issue manangement workflow.  Well structured and formated issues in GitHub are essential to allow contributing developers the ability to focus on what they do best...code.  

Special Projects

One important step in the process of nourishing new ideas from conception to contribution is IDEATION.  This can include sketches, wireframes, designs, prototypes and user testing.  Properly putting new ideas through these paces will ensure a setup for greater success once the feature(s) are integrated within the DNN Platform.

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