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Convincing developers to use Structured Content

The following was originally written in the DNN Open Help Slack on a thread where developers were discussing the merits of structured content in DNN. This was my response to people who were hesistant about using structured content modules, like 2sxc. This has been edited since the original response.

Vanjaro: A new User Experience for DNN

I'm happy to announce that Vanjaro is officially released. What started as a proof of concept quickly spiraled into a much larger project over the last 2 years. It is open source and free forever; a giveback to the community from the team of Mandeeps.com

Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting - June '21 - DNN Awareness Advisory Group - CKEditor Magic

In today's Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting:
Will Strohl discusses the Awareness DNN Advisory Group
Steve Krantzman presents "CKEditor Magic" - CKEditor Provider Helpful Tips, Tweaks, and Plugins.

PolyDeploy Donated to DNN Community

The DNN Community has received a great gift from the team at Cantarus that will help to add better deployment scenarios to DNN Platform that support enterprise application structures.

GitHub’s New One Time Donations Makes It Easy to Support DNN Platform Maintainers!

Not too long-ago GitHub enabled a new functionality which makes it really easy to support your favorite developers. GitHub previously allowed recurring sponsorships - and while that is great - not everyone wants to (or is able to) sign up for a recurring donation. The good news is that GitHub realized this and adjusted accordingly. Now, if you want to thank a developer for fixing a bug, adding an enhancement, or just simply maintaining a project, you can easily do this via a one-time donation.

Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting - May '21 - DNN Development - Liquid Content Components

In today's Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting:
Peter Donker presents "DNN Development" - In this segment, Peter Donker will make the case that developing for the DNN Platform has a rich history and is as exciting today as it was back in 2003.

Also, Alessandra Davies presents "Evoq Liquid Content Components" with a quick overview of Liquid Content Components - Content Types, Content Items, and Visualizers Templates.

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