Create anything

DNN is a tool that really allows you to create anyting you want. It might be a super awesome design project, an ultimate secure database or an application to transform a business to a digital workflow. Or what about multi-site projects or e-commerce where you can actually manage content? There is no limit to what DNN can do.

Most popular technology

DNN is built upon the industry's most popular software, Microsoft Server, SQL Server, and the .NET framework. (DNN originally was called DotNetNuke due to its basis in .NET, but now we just call it DNN.) This means Microsoft is spending billions on research, security and innovation. This all beneficial to a CMS / platform like DNN.

No wonder DNN is trusted by IT Departments of major corporate and government facilities. But it doesn't stop there. The same powerful software is available to any size business or non-profit because of the Open Source initiative to share great software with everyone.

Thousands of modules have been created by DNN Corporation, vendors and of course members of the community to make your website do anything.

If you Google a bit, you'll find that DNN or DotNetNuke comes up on a regular basis. As leader in Gartner, as 'most user friendly CMS', as top in headless CMS, as 'go to cms' of you want a cms/framework...
This variety in recognition underlines: the possibilities are endless.